Top Quảng Ngãi – Đánh giá, Review, Top List Quảng Ngãi

Quảng Ngai region is the main province with such a beautiful view and much stunning scenery. There are several interesting locations for tourists in Quảng Ngai. The whole land is indeed a fascinating choice for all those who love the tropical lowlands regions. Do not hesitate to schedule Quảng Ngai trips to have the most straightforward experiences.

Best time to travel to Quảng Ngãi:

Around April to August is the perfect time to visit Quảng Ngai. The climate is warm, bright, and the landscape of green trees is particularly comfortable to move with water. The environment is bright and good, perfect for a lot of fun, like cycling, and swimming. Throughout that time, Vietnam’s warm weather is going to be strong, so you have to plan your furniture, suits, and protective tools to ensure that your trip is safe. Following are top Quảng Ngai tourist attractions to visit.

The Island of Ly Son:

Ly Son Island is a tourist hotspot of Quảng Ngai, quite comfortable for tourists. Cu Lao Re seems to be a different name for Ly Son; many do not even know it. However, this island is a shuttered crater so it is very pretty and green. Around 40 km from the city of Quảng Ngai, it is known for a “garlic kingdom” given name, since the garlic trees on this island are very much cultivated. The pure blue sea color, the amazing scenery, is perhaps the most prominent tourist destination. Well, several lovely hotels in Ly Son have lovely views to see at the beginning of the day.

The beach of Dung Quat:

Identified as a location where people do not feel strangers to the Dung Quat oil refinery, this location also has an extremely truly memorable beach. Something unusual about this location is the purity of the shore and the romantic Dung Quat coastline scene. This shocks several people with the quiet coastal rawness. The most marvelous part of a fresh trip is to relax here and take in the dreamy scenes to the coast, in the mild nature.

The Thien An Mountain of Quảng Ngãi:

Thien An Mountain had already always been a travel hotspot, due to its majestic and delicate charm. It draws many visitors. Now almost 4km above the center of Quảng Ngai, you only have to hold on top of a mountain to see right above the panoramic view of Quảng Ngai. Searching for new avenues you will be engulfed in various wonders that are romantic, magnificent, delicate, and dominant. Straight from the beginning, tourists started to experience the mystical and enticing beauty of mountain walking to the top. Sunrise or sunset is the perfect time to visit Thien An Mountain.

Batangan Peninsula:

Batangan is a true fairy story on the ground although rarely mentioned in the list of stunning tourist sites at Quảng Ngai. The uniqueness of the spot with the height of a mound near the seafront and about 30sqm wide can be claimed to shock tourists. You can see perfectly lovely colored coral reefs looking down.

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