Short Run Book Printing Australia: Know Its Meaning & Importance

When the dream of a person to write a book gets fulfilled, they feel like they have reached seventh heaven. But very soon, they start feeling as if they are living amidst the clouds of worries. The reason attributing to this fact is the confusion they face while getting their book published. 

The stage of publication makes many authors feel overwhelmed as they try to find answers to several questions. One of these questions is “How many copies should I get printed?”. This question also lingers in the mind of the publisher or printer who is dealing with the author.

Short run book printing Australia is the answer that helps most of the authors, publishing houses, and printing companies in this situation. The term ‘short run book printing’ or ‘short run printing’ refers to the style of printing wherein a small number of copies are printed. The term ‘short run hardcover book printing’ can be considered an extension of the aforementioned terms as it means that books printed with the short run method have the hardcover. 

What Exactly Does Short Run Printing Entail?

Also known as ‘print on demand’ method, short run printing becomes possible with the help of digital printing equipment. The cost of printing incurred while using digital printing setup is less than the cost of printing incurred while using offset printing setup. In a digital printing press, the printing plates, necessary in an offset printing press are not used. 

Books, calendars, brochures, catalogues, and many other forms of written material can be printed by using a short run book printing method. Usually, the number of copies printed in short run printing is less than one thousand (1000). But some printing companies even print a smaller number of copies than that. 

The author and the publisher or printer decide how many copies to print by considering all the relevant factors. The experience and popularity of the author, the genre and subject of the book, the size and type of the targeted audience, and the geographical regions in which the book has to be sold are some of these factors.The policies and rules of the company also matter here. 

Along with the number of copies, the concerned parties make decisions regarding the type and design of the cover, size and colour of the pages, time and cost of printing, and other aspects. It won’t be wrong to say that the popularity of short run printing has increased in popularity over the years owing to its advantages.

Who Developed the Short Run Printing Method?

With time, numerous advancements have taken place in the technology, processes, and other facets associated with printing. Introduction of digital equipment for printing books and other material is one of them. The use of digital equipment has increased simplicity and reduced cost in the printing industry. 

As a result, the experts devised the short run printing solution for catering to the varied needs of authors and printers. Along with reducing the cost, this method has also reduced the risk involved in printing books. If the author, printer, or both are unsure or scared about the response that the book might receive once it’s available in the market, they can opt for a short run printing method. 

How Can the Short Run Book Printing Benefit You?

In today’s time, offset printing and digital printing are two major types of printing setup used for printing books and other forms of material. You need to understand these two printing setups for understanding the benefits of short run printing method. 

Also known as ‘lithographic printing setup’ and ‘offset lithography’, offset printing setup involves the use of printing plates, rubber cylinder, and other equipment. The printing method performed with the offset lithography setup is time-consuming and costly compared to the short run printing method performed with the digital printing setup. You might come across arguments that offset printing method delivers better quality results than short run printing method. 

But it’s not true, as the developments in the field of printing, especially digital printing, have led to improvements in the quality. When the author and printer feel that the book is receiving the desired response, they can print and distribute more copies to earn a profit. 

Final Words

Before approaching the publishing houses or printing companies to discuss the option of the short run style for getting your book printed, you must finalise your budget. Having a clear idea of your expectations and budget will help you make an informed decision. 

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