The Sensation of Spain’s Box Office – “Sky High” – Picked Up by Netflix for a Series Adaptation

Netflix apparently knows a good thing when they see it: Witness this intriguing bit of news from Variety yesterday that revealed that the streaming behemoth has acquired for a series adaptation a film that is currently making some major waves in Spain, Sky High.

Sky High is a thriller about a group of young small-time crooks attempting to stay a step or two ahead of the Madrid police immediately following the real estate crash; the film features breakout performances by stars Carolina Yuste (Carmen & Lola), Miguel Herran (Nothing in Return), and Luis Tosar (Sleep Tight).

Described by many as a commentary on Spanish society itself, the film has more than found its audience: It ranked as the most popular film at the box office in Spain during the course of the 2020 Christmas holiday season. How big is that, exactly? Only two other films scored better than Sky High in the land of La siesta and tapas during its release: Wonder Woman: 1984 and The Croods: A New Age.

 The deal that Netflix landed in regards to Sky High includes global rights to the film itself and their plan is to mold the intellectual property into a brand new series. To keep the tone of the film, Netflix has commissioned creators Jorge Guerricaechevarria and Daniel Calparsoro to direct this iteration of their popular film. The new series will act as a continuation of the film proper. At press time it is not known whether Herran, Tosar, and Yuste will reprise the roles they made famous. If I were a betting man, I’d put better than average odds on this compelling trio returning to the world of Sky High.

Sky High’s continuation as an ongoing series versus that of a sequel continues the trend of popular films spinning new stories in an episodic format. Cobra Kai is the bellwether for a whole new crop of such shows; the popular series – also on Netflix – is a direct follow-up to the popular Karate Kid quadrilogy of films. Other films have gotten in on this new fad, including the likes of science fiction film Upgrade.

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