Best Business Ideas During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As a result of the global pandemic, the past several months have brought major changes to both our personal and professional lives. We’ve had to re-think the way we live and work.

While this has created definite challenges, it has also provided unexpected opportunities for those seeking alternate ways of generating income. Many people have discovered their entrepreneurial spirit by finding new, creative ways of generating income. Others have found ways of tailoring their “traditional” business to meet consumer needs.

We’ll look at 10 ways you can turn the challenge into opportunity – and help others by safely offering much-needed products and services.

1.  Rope in Readers: Become a Blogger

Regardless of your training or working background, you most likely have specialized experience and skills that others might benefit from. Whether you’re a financial wiz or a DIY home decorator, you’re bound to have knowledge that others would appreciate sharing. If you don’t feel you’re quite “expert” yet – do some research, get yourself up to speed, get yourself online and start a blog.

Because we’re increasingly looking to the internet for personalized information and engagement, the blogging world is exploding. It’s the perfect time to spin your niche knowledge into a profitable business & earn money online.

2.  Start a Digital Consultancy Business

If you’re business-minded, you can provide clients with insights into how they can shape and adapt their organizations to meet the changing demands in the marketplace as a result of Covid. Show them ways they can establish themselves or enhance their profile in the increasingly competitive digital world & start a digital consultancy business.

3.  Delve into Drop Ship Delivery

With so many people trying to stay safe indoors, the demand for online delivery services has never been higher. The needs are for everything from groceries to medicines. Foods and basic provisions are particularly high on the list for online shoppers. Connect with a local store or directly with a supplier to help them get their products to consumers.

4.  Become an Online Wellness Coach

With the current levels of stress and lack of activity, people need the motivation to stay fit. Online content that provides information about fitness and health has become extremely popular. If you have interest and expertise in the field, share it with others in the form of workout routines and healthy recipes to help others lift the Covid cloud. You can work with clients one-on-one to tailor programs to fit their needs.

5.  Be a Virtual Tutor

As more schools are restricting attendance and going virtual, it’s likely that the demand for virtual tutors will only increase. (Parents can only do so much!) There’s a definite need for individuals who can not only help students with their lessons and keep them focused, but also help them prepare for important finals and entrance exams.

6.  Market Protective Personal Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become an essential in virtually all fields.  Two years ago, nobody could have imagined that items like hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, disinfectants, wipes, protective body gear and goggles would become in-demand accessories.                                  

7.  Offer Home and Commercial Cleaning Services

During the pandemic, companies and individuals who can provide a professional-calibre cleaning service are experiencing a very high demand. It’s projected that since private, public, office, and medical buildings will continue to rely on non-stop cleaning and disinfecting, this demand will grow over the next 15 years.

  • Cater to Green Thumbs

This pandemic has forced many people to restrict or give up on hobbies and leisure activities.

Gardening has gained growing numbers of fans over the past few years, and this period of house-bound living gives them an opportunity to indulge their passion for plants in the comfort of their own home or garden. You can supply them with gardening needs like seeds, soil, pots, shovels, gloves – everything that will help them fulfill their itch to make things grow.

  • Become a Wellspring of Bottled H20

We’re all anxious to avoid any risk of infection (and to avoid dehydration)  – and one of those risks could include drinking water from public fountains. That’s why pre-packaged mineral water is becoming a booming market. Consider becoming a supplier of bottled water for homes, medical facilities, hotels, etc.

  1. Home Improvement Contractor

Since many people are spending a lot of time at home, they’re thinking about those home improvement ideas that have been simmering on the back burner. They want to make their homes more comfortable – and many are interested in creating at-home workspaces.

But they may not have the skills needed to bring their ideas to life. If you’re confident in your reno abilities, now is the perfect time to offer your services.


The impacts of Covid-19 have meant we’ve all had to make significant changes to the way we live and work.

It’s both a challenge and an opportunity. There’s a growing demand for products and services never before seen.

Take an inventory of your skills and experience, do some research, and find a niche where you can put your experience to work.

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