Austrian entrepreneur Sandro J. Stadelmann calls networking an important aspect of the real estate business

The real estate sector has got intense competition and it has emerged as one of the most successful business ventures in recent times. The payoff in this sector is usually higher depending upon the property. Whether you want to become a broker or build a successful real estate empire, it is always beneficial to take lessons from the experts who have been in the game for long. One name who is changing the dynamics of real estate is Sandro J. Stadelmann, an entrepreneur and a real estate expert based in Wien, Österreich in Austria. The entrepreneur is known to sell premium and luxurious apartments across Austria.

Sandro has his formal training as a state licensed real estate trustee and is also an academic real estate manager. His career has been no less than a film as he started his venture into real estate along with his acting career. However, with his success in real estate, the entrepreneur decided to focus more on it and less into acting. “At one point in time, I even wanted to get into the military but then things did not work as per my plan. I believe whatever happens is for good and I am blessed to have such a life where good things are flowing like water”, said Mr Stadelmann. In 2017, the entrepreneur founded Mister Immo GmbH – a real estate venture which focuses on selling high-end properties.

According to him, to prosper in the field of real estate, the catch is to have some great contacts. “Networking is of utmost importance and if you manage to crack a deal, the business will automatically flow in through recommendations”, he added. In this ever-changing world of social media and digital media, Sandro J. Stadelmann is rightly influencing the lives of many people. Bringing an unique online program to life, Mr Sandro is now educating many aspiring real estate agents and brokers thus building a chain of network across borders.

He has also been a  part of the movie ‘Die weiße Schlange’. Currently, Sandro is eyeing to set his throne in the German-speaking area through his exclusive online real estate program. For the same, the entrepreneur stated that his team is working to make the company a multi-million euro company. Not just in Austria, Sandro J. Stadelmann is gradually expanding his team in the adjoining countries as he wants to make the real estate business as the most successful career option in the coming years.

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