How to Recover Data from a Corrupted SD Card?

Have you ever faced a loss of data? If yes, then you know how horrible it is to find out that your SD card has been corrupted. It is difficult to imagine today’s life without SD cards as they are used in almost all digital gadgets. Not all devices have a sufficient capacity for information storage. But it isn’t a problem as you can store data on SD cards. It is a good way to store photos and videos on cameras but you need to keep in mind that sometimes cards can become corrupted.

Why does this happen? There are many different reasons why you may discover a corrupted SD card. No need to start panicking if you have suddenly detected that your files are missing. It’s the first sign that your card was corrupted. You may also see a message “Access denied” or find some strange files on your SD card. This can happen as a result of a virus attack. Are there any effective ways to fix the corrupted SD card? You can recover data from a corrupted SD card and get back all the valuable files spending little time and effort. Check how to do this.

What Should You Do to Repair an SD Card After a Sudden Corruption?

First of all, you are recommended to find some other SD card reader and check whether your card was damaged or the problem is with the reader itself. If everything is ok, then, proceed to the next step. You need to choose trustworthy SD card recovery software. It is the most effective way of getting access to valuable pieces of information. Top-quality software makes it possible to recover data from a corrupted SD card quickly and easily by scanning what files can be recovered. The program will help you to find a secure place for your files. You can try free SD card recovery software. If it doesn’t help you to get the necessary files, you can use a paid version.

Today, there are many recovery apps in the market. But Disk Drill is known as one of the best recovery tools that can be used for both Mac and Windows. Take the following steps to recover files from a damaged SD card:

  • Install Disk Drill (Choose the version of the app that will suit the operating system you use).
  • Use an external device or the card reader to connect your computer with the card.
  • Launch scanning algorithms to find the data that can be recovered. The app will search for several minutes and give the list with the recoverable files.
  • Check what files you would like to get back. Choose files for the recovery procedure and indicated the location for each file. You are recommended not to store files on your
    SD card. Keep in mind that such action may lead to data loss again.
  • After you choose the place where you want to store the retrieved files, press “Recover”.

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It won’t take you long. In several minutes, you will see the message about the completion of the recovery process. The period needed for the recovery of files may vary depending on the size of the lost files. Even if you have never used data recovery software Disk Drill before, you won’t face any difficulties. It has a very user-friendly interface and contains tips on what you should do next to perform the data recovery successfully. Whether you have lost documents, pics, videos, or audio files, Disk Drill software will help you to retrieve the information and recover files from the corrupted disk.


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