Who Has The Best Girls OnlyFans Right Now

There are a lot of users of OnlyFans. Especially the private network of Instagram. If you are a user of OnlyFans and do not want to waste your time searching for the best girls on OnlyFans then this article is for you. Keep in mind that these girls are adult stars and top creators on this platform.

Best girls on OnlyFans

Some of the famous and top girls on OnlyFans are listed below:

Cardi B

She is famous because of her rap and is 27 years old. In August, Cardi B becomes the biggest celebrity who has joined the adult platform which is OnlyFans. At the start the monthly subscription was 9.99 dollars and it was too expensive for his fans but then she pulled it down and now her monthly subscription fee is 4.99 dollars on OnlyFans Girls. She announced it on her Twitter account.

Bella Thorne

She is just 22 years old.  She is an actress, a singer, a writer, and a director too. She is also famous as a Disney channel star. She made her account on OnlyFans free in august. She announced it on Instagram. She offers 20 dollars per month for his account subscription. And there is also 15 percent off for those who are interested in buying a 6 months subscription to her account. She earned a total of 2 million dollars after her launch on OnlyFans.

Shea Coulee

She joined OnlyFans in July and announced it on Twitter. Her per month subscription fee is 4.99 dollars per month.

Blac Chyna

She is known for modeling and makeup. She has found another way to make money during the pandemic. She made her account in April on OnlyFans and announced it through Instagram. She charges approximately 30 dollars per month to access her photos and other media on OnlyFans account.

Dorinda Medley

She is known because of “The Real Housewives of New York”. She is a reality TV star. She joined OnlyFans in July and announced her OnlyFans account on Twitter. She charges 4.99 dollars per month to access her OnlyFans account’s posts.

Sonja Morgan

She is also known because of “The Real Housewives of New York. She joined OnlyFans just to share her lifestyle. She charges 4.99 dollars to her fans monthly to view her exclusive content on OnlyFans. She announced her account through Twitter.

Tana Mongeau

She is an influencer and has a YouTube account. She is known because of her lifestyle and personality. She made an account on OnlyFans in May. Her account has PPV content and it means that you have to pay to view each content of his account.

Amber Rose

She joined this platform in September. She announced this news on Instagram. She also has a subscription to view his profile.

Jordyn Woods

She is a model. She is 23 years old and joined OnlyFans in October and announced it on Twitter. She joined this platform just to show his photos as it is a judgment-free platform. She charges 20 dollars per month for her account subscription. 

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