Magic Crystal Candles to Bring You Good Vibes

People use stones and crystals for their health benefits and healing properties. People use candles as a way to calm down and relax. Combining the two brings the best of both worlds together. Candle makers have been putting things like essential oils and crystals in candles for some time.

You can also find jewelry, stones, and figures in candles these days. It can be exciting to impatiently wait for the candle to burn enough to pry out your prize.

But if the prize is a crystal that can help you in your daily life? Well, then that’s a huge bonus. Let’s look at some crystals that can bring you some good fortune.

The Crystals


Amethyst is great to help you with stress. Especially this year, right? We could all use a bit of relief. This crystal will help bring you to a calm center. If you tend to get tense and stressy and full of anxiety, you’ll want to look for a candle that has amethyst crystals in it.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is good for people who need to have more compassion and kindness enter their lives. Whether it’s for a personal or romantic relationship, or with how you need to be with yourself, rose quartz can help you get your heart in the right place.

Green Fluorite

This stone is good if you are going through some things. Another good one for this year. Green fluorite is great to help you heal from trauma. If you have past hurt and anger that you are trying to deal with and move on from, then this crystal is something you want to use.


This stone is meant to bring the energy of the sun to put light into spots of your life that need it the most. If you need some real positive energy in your life, citrine can clean out any negative energy that could be blocking that.

There are obviously a lot more, but these are some good ones to start with for cleaning out your negative energy and restoring it with the good vibes you want.

Why Crystals in Candles?

So why crystals? Why would you put a crystal in a candle? Is it safe? Well, yes it is. It will be covered up in the wax of the candle. As it burns down you just have to be careful of how you get it out.

Using a spoon is the best way. You won’t burn yourself, and you won’t damage the crystal. It doesn’t matter the size of the crystal. You can use one larger crystal or a bunch of little crystals.

The ones that work the best should be smooth. You are putting this in wax, so if it has an cracks or anything it in, it won’t be very pretty when it comes out of the candle.

Get the Most Out of Your Candle

Obviously you light the candle, but is that it? Well you want to check the wick first. Like with any candle, you want the wick freshly cut. Before you light your candle you should think about why you are lighting it. You want to think about what you want to come from lighting it.

After you light it, take some quiet time to yourself to get centered. While your candle is burning, you want to keep those thoughts and intentions in the front of your mind. Once the candle has burned enough for you to scoop the crystal out, then you can clean it up and use it any time you want.

If you are looking for a place to start to try a crystal energy candle, you can try Chiji. They have gorgeous candles to help you with things like positivity to protection to peace. Plus candles always smell really good and make every room feel cozy.

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  1. I love that you mentioned how mixing crystals and stones with candles are a great way to help people relax in a beneficial way. I’ve been looking for a gift for my sister since her birthday is coming. She’s a spiritual person and enjoys scented candles, meditating, and deeply believes in the power of crystals and zodiac signs. And so, I think this might be just the perfect gift for her. I’m grateful for your information on crystal candles’ benefits and types.

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