Conveniently Fermented and Canned for Your Enjoyment

As you walk down the streets of Mexico or step into your favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a refreshing drink known as tepache on the menu. This bubbly fermented concoction made of fruits and sugar is a great refreshment to brighten up those hot and humid summers, making it a crowd favorite in Mexico.

But as we step into a world of modern enjoyment, so has tepache with the release of tepache in a can for your enjoyment whenever and wherever you’re headed. In this article, let’s find out what tepache is and why tepache in a can is the revolutionized drink that everyone should enjoy moving forward.

What is tepache?

Tepache is a refreshing fermented drink that’s often served in Mexican restaurants. Made of pineapple rind and brown sugar or piloncillo (a type of raw cane sugar), tepache is often brewed in batches and left to ferment for up to 4 days before it is served cold. Because of the fermentation process, tepache features a refreshing bubbly touch without being alcoholic.

A variety of health benefits can be derived from tepache, including being filled with antioxidants and vitamins from the fruits used to make tepache. It’s also known to aid digestion as the fermentation process of tepache often helps create probiotics for better gut health.

Overall, tepache is a refreshing drink that’s often sought after on a hot summer’s day or whenever they want a bubbly drink without any added preservatives from home. However, brewing and fermenting tepache may be a hassle to some, so not many people will opt to make tepache regularly.

Why enjoy tepache in a can?

Although tepache can typically be made at home, it’s sadly not a beverage that you can have at the snap of your fingers as the fermenting process requires between 3 to 4 days to complete. This, however, is a thing of the past with conveniently fermented and canned tepache.

Fermented and canned for your enjoyment, you can easily take the tepache in a can on picnics or road trips, making it the perfect companion to enjoy at any time. Due to the nature of the drink, you’ll also know that the tepache is likely to be freshly brewed and canned to ensure the ideal level of carbonation in every can.

For anyone living alone or in small families, having tepache in a can also means you don’t have to prepare tepache in big batches. This ensures the freshness of the tepache you’re enjoying, and you save on the tedious efforts of preparing the pineapple and fruit rinds.

With tepache in a can, you’ll now be able to enjoy the bubbly and refreshing taste of tepache while you’re on the go and reap the benefits of this popular and traditional drink with a twist.


In conclusion, it’s no wonder why tepache is so widely sold around the streets of Mexico. Aside from the obvious refreshing touch, tepache also offers a wide range of health benefits from the preparation and fermentation process. Other fruits can also be used to make tepache drinks, making this all-natural beverage in a can the idle drink choice after a hot day out.

If you’re looking to enjoy tepache with a twist, you could also mix it up with a little alcohol to make a tepache punch. This is a great way to introduce new flavors into your tepache, making it a great party beverage with added health benefits for everyone. Canned tepache is also easy to transport so you can turn up to a party with a can for everyone. 

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