Netflix Sensation “Alice in Borderland” Receives Second Season Order

Wanna know what the sound of celebrating and partying like its 1999 sounds like…in late 2020? Look no further then True Believers to the festivities that the cast and crew of fan-favorite television show Alice in Borderland are no doubt engaging in even as these deathless words are being typed out. For it was with considerable fanfare that no less than a venerable institution than Variety reported that the freshman show is now officially a sophomore after the news of parent streamer Netflix renewing the show for a season two.

 Exhibiting something of a trend, Alice in Borderland received its next season renewal right on the heels of its online debut a mere two weeks ago. Netflix and Amazon Prime have been quick to cut any shows they perceive as fat during the global pandemic, but they’ve also been just as speedy in giving renewals to shows that resound with its audiences such as Cobra Kai.

Alice in Borderland is a fantasy with more than a passing nod to the science fiction genre; it sets up a story about a disgruntled and jobless man (played expertly and with real empathy by Yamazaki Kento) who trails a very mysterious light only to discover that, with the exception of himself and two friends, the whole blessed population of Tokyo has vamoosed with nary a trace in sight. Nope, you can’t lay this at the oversized feet of Godzilla. Instead, the mystery of Alice in Borderland veers closer to the territory of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone in the most creepy and delightful of ways.

Helming this modern day whodunit is director Sato Shinsuke (Gantz) who derives the source material from a weekly Japanese comic book series. The scribes who are tasked with adapting this whale of a story are Watabe Yoshike, Sato Shinsuke and Kuramitsu Yasuko.

 Prognosticators of all things television are surprised at the quick-found success of this adaptation: Since its December 10 debut on Netflix, Alice in Borderland has consistently ranked in the heralded Top Ten slot of the streamer, proving that audiences the world over are finding something to relate to in this dark fantasy.

 No official drop date for season two of Alice in Borderland has been announced by Netflix as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any further updates on this exciting and provocative show.

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