Ranking Every Episode Of Season 19 Of ‘The Simpsons’

Hey (season) 19! It’s time to talk more Simpsons. I’m going to throw this in here because its contemporary and this is probably only being read by true Simpsons fans, especially since I am now all the way up to ranking the episodes of season 19. I thought the Christmas episode from this year was fun! They did a parody of Hallmark Christmas movies, and though I’ve never seen a single one of those I was still able to enjoy it and deduce what the parody elements were. Well done. Now, though, it’s time to jump into the past. How does season 19 of The Simpsons shape up? I don’t remember, but I will in but a moment as I put my rankings together.

20. “Smoke on the Daughter”

19. “The Homer of Seville”

18. “Love, Springfieldian Style”

17. “Dial ‘N’ for Nerder”

16. “Little Orphan Millie”

15. “That ‘90s Show”

14. “All About Lisa”

13. “Treehouse of Horror XVIII”

12. “The Debarted”

11. “E Pluribus Wiggum”

10. “Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind”

9. “He Loves to Fly and He D’ohs”

8. “I Don’t Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

7. “Mona Leaves-A”

6. “Husbands and Knives”

5. “Apocalypse Cow”

4. “Midnight Towboy”

3. “Papa Don’t Leech”

2. “Any Given Sundance”

1. “Funeral for a Fiend”

OK, there’s no sugarcoating this. This is a bad season. Instead of debating what would be the top episode on this list, I was having a harder time with the bottom of the list. Well, not the very bottom. “Smoke on the Daughter” is pure garbage and a bottom-five all-time episode for me. “The Homer of Seville” is down there as well. Honestly, the bottom seven episodes are not good, and the next several are mediocre. I would only call the top five episodes of season 19 even good. Five good episodes in a season of television! Those are Big Bang Theory numbers! This was not a fun trip down memory lane. I can’t end here. Not just because I said I was going until I got to episodes I didn’t really remember. I don’t want to end on what is the worst season of The Simpsons to date. This may be the worst season they’ve ever done. Here’s hoping 2020 will be better.

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