Abid Dharamsey Founder of Bison Creations Talks about Social Media Monetization

The dynamics of social media is changing. Gone are the days when people used social media to connect with friends and family. Today businesses are flourishing and communities are thriving with social media. 

2021 is about to begin and this is high time when Abid Dharamsey shares his sure-shot secrets of how he succeeded as the leading social media monetization expert and founded Bison Creations, a premium digital marketing & PR agency. 

When Abid decided to dive into the social media marketing career, he spent everything he had – untiring efforts, social media utilization, years of struggle, dedication, hard work, sleepless nights, and what not? 

And today, he has emerged as one of the most productive social media monetization experts, strategic brand consultants, and conversion rate optimization experts. 

According to the latest stats, some of the evergreen strategies that helped many channels and social media platform to monetize their platforms, enjoy greater revenue, and befriending with Google’s algorithm are:

  • Educating your followers by offering them trendy courses
  • Unveiling new products and services
  • Becoming an affiliate and market new products to your followers 

The businesses need to understand that social media monetization will differ for brands and companies based on three variants. The product they sell, the social channel they are utilizing, the resources available on the desired platform, and lastly, the most significant ingredient – to have sufficient insights about the target audience.

Businesses with their high standards of media planning, creative excellence, and unmatched business strategies can provide value to their followers ultimately leading them towards successful social media monetization. 

The boost in digital marketing, social media, and online business has been revolutionary for the last few years, and small businesses from all around the world are eager to expand their reach globally and multiply their sales growth. 

For effective lead generation from social media, a business needs a productive online presence which means your company and brand should be a keyword search away from the reach of millions of users. 

Facebook community is on the mission to bring forward the small business and revolutionize the idea of online business on their easily accessible platform.

Today, small businesses have as much potential as the other giants dominating the online communities. They only need a constructive strategy, being consistent with their content development, and impeccable teamwork to succeed. 

The best strategy as a digital firm when a client approaches looking for solutions to their digital marketing campaigns, brand identity, and product launch, become a team and lay stress on the following questions before coming with any functional strategy for clients.

  • Do we know who we are addressing?
  • What are their common challenges?
  • What are their pain points?

The perfect balance between appealing content and the desired product is crucial to engage millions of followers and meet all the criteria needed for social media monetization.

Bison Creations provides services to their respected clients globally mainly in the UK and the US within the available resources and propels their businesses to succeed in the digital world. 

Many of their clients include social media influencers, sports and TV personalities, artists, journalists, singers, and people from private business sectors who are enjoying an effective online presence and generating significant revenue from social media monetization. 

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