5 weird phenomena of symphony

When you go to the concert, you will definitely find that the conductor is the most respected in the audience, but the musicians didn’t seem to look at him much during the entire performance.

Answer these weird little questions today. Let you “get it all up” next time you go to a concert. Of course, if you want to enjoy symphony offline, you can also search “symphony” on youtube, and use flvto youtube to mp3 to download it. Here are the strange phenomena in symphony:

1. Why is no one watching the command? But he was still there

If the musicians are all staring at the score and not the conductor, do they not need a conductor?

Of course not. The audience saw him waving the baton on the stage. In fact, behind the performance, the entire orchestra’s interpretation of the music, the organization of rehearsals, and the handling of the music were all done by the conductor.

In addition, during the performance, the musicians will also use the sideways to watch the conductor’s gestures while reading the score. The conductor will use gestures, expressions, and body language to remind all members of the orchestra to pay attention when the rhythm changes, emotion changes, and changes in strength.

An orchestra without a conductor is like a plate of loose sand. The conductor is the soul of an orchestra. He determines the mood of the work and the quality of the performance.

2. Why do wind musicians dismantle their instruments in performances?

Actually, they are pouring their mouths apart… if you want to put it more elegantly, it is “pipe wall condensation.

For example, the French horn, its pipe is completely unfolded for 3 meters, and the air blown into the pipe will condense on the wall of the pipe with low temperature. If the accumulated saliva is not drained for a long time, it will “bubble” by mistake when playing (Breaking sound).

Usually, the action of removing the water pipe is performed during the pauses between the movements. Sometimes the “old drivers” in the French horn circle can do this without knowing it.

3. Why do violinists and violinists add a piece of white cloth on their shoulders?

Viola and viola have a high probability of being played in a symphony. Almost the entire performance is played. Long-term contact between the neck and the body will scratch the skin, and some people may also have allergic reactions. This white cloth can solve it well. Up the problem.

Therefore, some Chinese and violin players came to the stage with white cloth, but changing to black might suit the clothes better.

4. Why do symphony orchestras wear black?

Since the 18th century, the symphony orchestra will be invited to perform by nobles and church families. They have the same status as servants, so they also wear uniforms and black uniforms like servants.

Modern music practitioners believe that wearing black is to allow the audience to focus on the music and not be disturbed by other factors. At the same time, to maintain a certain unity on the stage, black is the color that everyone believes can reflect professionalism.

Besides, the uniform black saves money. If every performance is different, the musicians will have to spend more on the costumes, and the outfit fee will not be reimbursed!

5. Why do everyone only tune during the performance, and why not tune it before going on stage?

Musical instruments such as the violin are more sensitive to temperature. If they are not calibrated for a long time, the pitch will deviate.

Therefore, the band chief will wait until all the musicians are seated before tuning. This can also serve as a reminder to the audience that the concert is about to begin. Over time, this step has become a customary concert etiquette.

Which sound is right? The answer is the A sound of the small print group 1, which is the standard sound, also known as the concert pitch.

Who will give this tone? The oboe is the most stable instrument in the symphony orchestra, so it is given by the oboe musician.

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