Does Astrology Tell us the Truth about our Future?

Astrology is an ancient science that observes the effects of cosmic bodies on life on earth. It is similar to weather prediction, only more complicated. In Astrology, the variables involved run into hundreds.  It is both a science and art. It interprets stars and planets both scientifically and emotionally and explains its effect in a humane language. When the weather report predicts a hot sun with chances of sunstroke, Astrology predicts an angry Sun, which can give you emotional burns if not careful, as Sun is considered the giver of pride and ego. However, Astrology does not end with these predictions. Its ultimate goal is to help a person exercise his free will. Just like weather prediction helps a person to decide whether to carry an umbrella or not, Astrology helps a person exercise his free will on matters like career, marriage, and travel by providing choices and remedies intended to improve the quality of life.

Types of astrological predictions

Life prediction

Online Astrology deals with almost all aspects of life, such as personality traits, education, career, family, children, health, social status, finance, and so on. The cosmic variables are found from the horoscope of the person.  The horoscope depicts the position of planets and stars in the chart at the time of the person’s birth. It tells about the nature of the person.  Comparing this with the present state of affairs reveals how the person is going to fare as the cosmic variables change over the next few weeks, months, or years and suggest remedial measures.

Compatibility predictions

Marriage is arguably the most important event to happen in life. In Vedic culture, marriage is more than a union of two bodies; it is the union of two souls into one common path of Dharma.  Since the stakes are high, many things have to be considered before selecting the partner. The ultimate requirement for a successful marriage is the need to find love. Now, you can either marry the person whom you love or, love the person whom you marry. 

Astrology matches the horoscope of two persons and sees how compatible they are.  Marriage Horoscope Compatibility  is checked for ten factors—welfare, temperament, fruitfulness, satisfaction, mind, longevity of husband, friendship, the longevity of wife, sacrifice, and affection.

Every person is different. So mismatches will always exist. Astrology can help the couple understand the problems in their marriage and provide remedial measures to smoothen it out. Again, these remedies are not the end; these are merely suggestions for the couple to exercise their free will.


The time of marriage is also a significant factor.  The most auspicious time is called Muhurtham. It is calculated from the Panchangam, which means the five parts. To arrive at a Muhurtham, you need to check the day, the date, the star constellation of that day, their combined nature, and the purpose of that nature. Muhurtham is calculated for other auspicious events too, like laying foundation stone of a house, naming ceremony of a baby, house warming ceremony etc.

Education, Career and Financial predictions

With the help of astrology, we can ascertain the stream of education and career path that one will be successful in. In Astrology, there are separate variables to calculate the intelligence, memory, discipline, imagination, and humour of a person. Knowing them, one can choose what kind of education and career they want.

Western Astrology versus Indian Astrology

Western Astrology is relatively less complicated than Indian or Vedic Astrology. The most apparent difference between the two is that while Western Astrology follows the Sun, Vedic Astrology follows the Moon. But there are more subtle differences. While the position of star constellations remains fixed in Western Astrology, the Vedic Astrology is based on a sidereal or movable Zodiac where star constellations change position. This is because, in Vedic Astrology, the Sun is also considered to be moving around as of yet unknown centre point. The circumference of the Sun’s path is regarded as 60 times bigger than the circumference of Earth’s path around the Sun. Vedic Astrology adopts corrective systems known as Ayanamsa to update the charts with the present position of star constellations in the Zodiac.

Significance of astrology

Astrology is an immense body of knowledge that throws light on the nature of reality. It is scientific. It is a karmic analysis that helps individuals to change themselves for the better. Astrology aims to get in touch with the sublime and natural qualities of the soul and helps to establish our relationship with a higher power. Vedic astrology is transformational and is aimed to assist in the growth process, evolving consciousness, and overcoming our limitations. In this digital age, there are many options available to the common man that provide easy access to learn and understand astrology. Several of them provide astrological predictions online with the help of algorithms based on the very same mathematical calculations used by Vedic astrology and give precise predictions.  Go ahead and learn all that you need to know about your future and clear your doubts regarding astrology.

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