What Is Mahjong Game? Let’s Discuss In-Depth!

Are you ever interested in playing tile-matching games? If yes then you must try Mahjong Game at least once. This game is basically based on the player’s strategy power and their ways to make use of super-techniques that helps them to simply make more and more score by matching similar color tiles.

In addition, before going to play Mahjong Game, gamers must learn the pure basics so that it becomes easier to win more and more achievements by making a set number of scores. Make sure to complete the given task within a given time-period because the scoring system is basically based on the time-limit.

What Is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a Chinese strategy game where the gamers must be the first to collect four sets and a single pair of tiles that’s known as mahjong. The pair consists of two of the same tiles, whereas the four sets contain pung, chow, and kong. Sets are also referred to as melds.

Meanwhile, A pung is a set of three identical tiles in a row, kong is a set of four identical tiles in a row, and a string of three consecutive numbers from the same suit, such as a lining up a four-character tile, a five-character tile and a six-character one.

An Overview Of Tiles!

The 144 mahjong tiles are divided into three suites, honor tiles, and a bonus one. Without any delay in time, let’s discuss all three tiles.


There are a total of 36 tiles, which is also known as Dot tiles, with four sets of nine tiles, numbered 1-9 for each set.

These tiles have circles imprinted onto them, and each one compares with numbers such as the four 1-tiles will each have one circle imprinted on the tile whereas the two tiles will be double from 1 to 2 and so on.

Honor Tiles!

There are a total of 16 wind tiles with four different sets of four tiles that represent the east, west, north, and south winds. There are 12 dragon tiles with three sets of four tiles representing the red dragon that’s also known as the red character, and all are color dragon indicated with the character name.

Bonus Tiles!

Bonus tiles are very popular tile in Mahjong Game because it deals with awesome bonuses that tile-matching lover likes to play it for fewer minutes. Meanwhile, there are four flower tiles with four seasonal ones, and all of them deal with awesome bonuses whenever the players combine the common sets. If you want to play one of the best tile-matching games and deal with awesome offers while playing time then the mahjong game is the best option for you.

The Final Words!

All the points as mentioned above are very beneficial for gamers because it helps them to simply win more and more achievements by making a set number of score.

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