Upgrading your RC cars

As kids, remote control cars felt like an otherworldly toy; something that descended from the heavens itself to entertain us. So much was the craze of playing with them that it even seeped into adulthood. 

The remote-controlled cars are, by all means, an inter-generational gadget. You can never get bored of your formula 1 remote control car if it is still functional. 

However, with time, your remote control car can slow down. And what’s the thrill of your car isn’t zooming around on the floor, fast enough to be blurry? None. We all know it, a slow remote control car is a huge turn-off. So, how to make a RC car faster?

So, after some time, you can make a few modifications to ensure that your car is at its maximum potential. Even straight out of the box, you can use the steps below to ensure full performance. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Nature of the tires

The tires of your remote control car will not just determine the speed, but also the grip on the surface. Different kinds of tires are meant for different surfaces so we will go over the details of this scenario. 

Taking your remote control car for a drive on the road while it wears full slick tires will be a huge mistake! So for the roads, put slicks on your little endearing toy. 

If the surface is slippery, but not the marble kind of slippery; I mean like mud, then you can go for those spikes. 

And if you do not have a specific driving location and are anticipating a trip that involves all kinds of surfaces, you can put the mini spike tires on your remote control car. They are the best bet.

Tire quality and size

After you are through with the type of tires your remote-controlled car needs, you ought to consider the quality of the tires you are purchasing. High-quality ones may cost you a little extra but will be good in the long run. Do you want speed or do you want money? Take the pick. 

The better tires will make sure you don’t skid, and turn better. Lastly, the more the diameter, the better. Not too much though, a limit has to be maintained with that. If the tires are too big, the weight will be more, which will reduce the speed. We will talk about weight in the next section.

Reduction of weight

The more the weight, the slower your vehicle will be. So, one step towards ensuring that your car goes faster is to attach lighter tires and to replace the body of it is too big. Replacing the heavy body will increase the effectiveness of the car. Not only that, but you will be able to modify the look of your remote-controlled car as well! 

So if you have had that one car for so long, instead of buying a new one, just modify the body.

Motor change

After some time, the efficiency of the motor will begin to decrease. To take this step, you will need to have functional knowledge of how RC car engines work.

If you aren’t a beginner and need an RC car for professional races, then you would have to employ the most powerful motor that you can find. After a little while, the replacement will be inevitable. Replacing the motor is better than replacing the whole car.

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