The invention of the automobile has changed a lot on people’s move and has brought both positive and negative effects in every aspect of life. These impacts have affected the advancement of society over a period of time. It even altered the economy of the world since the gradual growth of the automobile industry fueled the economic revolution in countries especially those with car manufacturers. With booming economy caused by motor vehicle business, it paved a way for other industries like vulcanized rubber, oil, and steel to emerge as well.

Being the world’s most widely accepted mode of transportation, cars have changed the ways on how people live. The advancement of automobiles over generations has directly affected and influenced the advancement of society as a whole. It even has a great impact on the environment as it has already occupied almost all areas of the world.

Effects of Automobile in the Society

The automobile industry has brought a lot of social changes worldwide. People have now the chance to drive to their favorite places or anywhere they want which was nearly impossible on the past. Cars still dominate as the world’s most popular form of transportation. They are now considered essential to people in surviving their everyday life. A research has even stated that the average family has at least one car wherein they spend more on transportation rather than on food. Therefore, many automobile companies like KIA have introduced their latest 2020 kia forte orlando to meet the demands of the society. Anyone would rather travel in the comforts of their own vehicle rather than waiting for a public vehicle to pass and travel with strangers which can be quite risky.

Effects of Automobile in the Environment

People have started to realize that Global Warming is one big issue that must be taken into account. Due to the increasing demand of motor vehicles, pollution is causing a permanently damage the face of the Earth. It is a major environmental problem that results from burning of fuels which creates toxic emissions. There are actually many laws preventing unnecessary pollution set by different countries worldwide but there are still some that do not have any of these laws. That is why there are many companies that are taking advantage of this thus building their factories in countries where they don’t have to worry about spending extra cash on environmentally safe equipment. Luckily today, there are already ample of new types of eco-friendly vehicles that have been invented and offered to the market to slow the process of global warming. These vehicles are able to run on something other than gasoline such as cars that are electric, fuel cell, solar powered, hybrids, and ethanol. Hybrids are actually the most popular recently because people want to save money on gasoline. It can save fuel since it’s using both gasoline and electricity to operate and using alternative fuels will immensely help in conserving our world’s natural resources as well as limiting the negative effects on the environment. This could really prevent the current issues regarding climate change and global warming wherein all of the bad effects that are associated will be reduced.

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