Pandemic Thriller “The Survivalist” Casts Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Malkovich

There was a time when master thespians John Malkovich and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were everywhere; you couldn’t walk to the local multiplex without getting hit in the noggin with gems such as Dangerous Liaisons, In the Line of Fire, Of Mice and Men, Match Point, Velvet Goldmine, and Mission Impossible Part Three. Hollywood is fickle and demanding, though: Certain actors are in copious film and television projects and it feels like an Indian Summer of delightful and unheralded films. But then one morning we wake up and – like all good and proper Indian Summers –  the Malkovich’s and the Rhys Meyers are gone, perhaps used up and exhausted by an industry that’s always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing (watch your back, Young Hollywood of 2020). When we do encounter their wares again it may be in a small, supporting part that seems to do no justice to their earlier efforts. Other times though, a particular project comes along that has a buzz and electricity about it and that features those long-lost actors. Such is the case with two of the best of their generations, the aforementioned Malkovich and Rhys Meyers…

In a timely bit of casting news, our friends at Bloody Disgusting have announced the casting of John Malkovich and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the upcoming pandemic thriller The Survivalist.

Directed and produced by Jon Keeyes (The Harrowing, Nightmare Box), The Survivalist is set eighteen months after the collapse of world society due to a virus outbreak. Rhys Meyers plays an FBI agent tasked with guarding a young ingénue who is immune to the virus; Seems that a very dangerous group of men are in pursuit of her. Doing what he does best, Malkovich plays one of the villainous and psychotic gang leaders who believe he has a calling to save the planet. Naturally, a collision course is set between the two men.

In a press release regarding the upcoming film, producers for Yale Productions Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman said that they were “thrilled and honored to be working with screen legends John Malkovich and Jonathan Rhys Meyers on The Survivalist, an exhilarating, timely and action-packed feature film with stellar performances.”

The Survivalist is from an original script by scribe Matthew Rogers. Production recently wrapped on the feature and it is anticipated to be released in 2021.

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