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Real estate is one of the most profitable fields in our contemporary world. Due to the fact that ambitious agents struggle to sell their services at the highest price, the whole business is about infinite competition. What do you think is the most effective way to deal with competitiveness? Of course, professionally snapshots made by a real estate photographer?

Whether it’s photographing a property before a sale or renting it out, the picture should attract customers. A photo of a house, apartment or other object has to present it from the best side. No doubt, a perfect photo will make any proposal unique. This can be achieved by hiring a professional photographer real estate.

What is the goal of professional real estate photography?

Today, we use this term to describe the technique of creating photographic items which serve to present real estate objects. The kind of interior photography borders on “portrait in the interior” and “subject photography in the interior”. However, the interior space becomes the main item in this genre.

The demands for serious property photography is constantly dependent on the economic situation. When realtors need to sell their offers fast and effectively, a real estate photographer can make their properties play the first fiddle.

However, in order to succeed in this area, a person should be aware of professional knowledge, real estate photo direction peculiarities and have enough experience working in this field.

Potential customers of a real estate photographer

There is a vivid variety of people who may be interested in photographer real estate services:

  • Architects;
  • Designers;
  • Engineering companies;
  • Construction firms and site-specific decorators;
  • Building materials manufacturers;
  • Investors;
  • Financial companies;
  • Material suppliers;
  • Environmental companies;
  • Furniture or stone makers;
  • Decor designers.

Features of  professional real estate photography

How is the effect of an ideal estate photo achieved?

  • using professional optics;
  • correctly chosen angles and lighting;
  • competent post-processing.

Shooting planning involves identifying customer expectations in the short term. During working with clients, there should be discussed the features of cooperation in detail: the aim of this bargain, whether there is the need to render the apartments for shooting and other pivotal issues. Hence, a real estate photographer will be able to do the job in the best way. It’s especially important for photographing the houses where people are still residing.

In other situations, while working with uninhabited property, the real estate agent may want to attend the shooting process. In this case, it is necessary to classify the exact time the agent will be present at the work of a professional real estate photographer.

As for the tasks, there are two main segments of this job:

  • orders for architectural firms and designers, with the goal of presenting their work;
  • orders from realtors or property owners.

Both of these objectives are aimed at an inspiring presentation. However, in each case, the presentations are focused on different audiences. This difference must be well understood by any professional real estate photographer.

As for the formats, orders can be divided into the following groups. The most common is the standard format (2×3 and 3×4), which is also vertical and may be posted on the cover of a magazine or publication on instagram. The next layout is panoramas. Today there are several types of panoramas: circular, spherical, and intermediate shapes. Interior panoramas are often created by the photographer real estate for 3D tours.

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