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Meet Music Sensation Ero Seagull

The emerging music sensation Ero Seagull was born and raised in Athens, Greece but also has Canadian nationality due to her parents.

This Greece/ Greek / Canadian Based Alternative Hip-hop artist launched her first Evolution LP with EMI Universal and Amour Records. The Album consists of Eleven songs which are composed and recorded at the studio Future Perfect and the Cave studio during a 12 months period in Athens.

Ero has great collaborations with amazing artists like SWIM (Marilena Orfanou) and Leon Rhymes from Too Many T’s in her LP. Ero’s ability to both rap and sing along with her Canadian/ Greek accent make her incomparable to anyone.

Ero’s recent album Evolution broke the stereotypes especially the lyrics in her latest single ‘What’s in a Romeo’ give a small glimpse of her music style. You just need to listen to all Ero’s music from beginning to the end and it will give you goosebumps. Ero says that Evolution (her album) is her evolution as an artist and it’s the album that was made with great passion and love.

Ero Seagull’s music is unique because she believes in all music. She can’t describe her music as every song of hers is so different. It has the all Rock, Funk, Pop and Hip-Hop elements and now with her new single Doin’ Our Game even Pop Punk. A song depicting her good times in the 90’s and also the struggles of her roaring twenties in the 00’s. Ero has developed a musical style that draws on a range of influences and genres.The Gospel is another track that we couldn’t turn away. The Gospel is a great strong message about the real story of Jesus. The track starts off with the sound of effects, then suddenly drops the beat and Ero Seagull comes and tells us the story of Christ. You have to listen again and again to understand and to get her entire message

What made Ero realize that she wanted to pursue a career in it?  Music is Ero’s all time favorite language. She has played music from the age 5 when she also had some piano lessons. At the age of 6, her mother got her an amazing set of DJ with a microphone. In university, one of Ero’s friends asked her to sing her a song and for the first time she performed in front of an audience and she felt amazing. That was the reason she participated in the music contest in London ‘The Peoples Music Awards’ where she won the judges round, moreover, judges shared very positive feedback. It is then she thought that she wanted to share her music with the world, spread her ideas and messages.

In her upcoming projects, Ero Seagull is preparing a concert in her hometown Athens, a Livestream concert based in Berlin from the site Gigmit, she wishes it to be amazing and remembered. She is also constantly writing her new songs for her next album ReLoVe and is going to release her second single soon My Baby, which we heard… but no spoilers… so keep connected with her.

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