Tips to Get a Perfect Underwater Shoot

Tips to Get a Perfect Underwater Shoot

Do you want to look flawless in your underwater shoot? Underwater photography is becoming a norm more than a trend since the underwater cameras have become significantly cheaper than they were in the past. People get underwater photoshoots at their weddings, vacations, and at their parties to post on social media. It won’t be wrong to say that social media is responsible for spreading the trend of underwater photography like a wildfire.  Here we have some ideas that can make your underwater shoot look amazing.

Wear Bright Swimsuits

As you know, water is denser than the air is; therefore, the light inside the water will be less than the one at the surface. To look prominent in your underwater shoot, you must be dressed up in a bright-colored swimsuit. Neon and other highlight colors are trending when it comes to swimsuit fashion trends. They make you look more prominent and attractive underwater.

Waterproof Makeup

We all love to look glamorous by putting on makeup, and while you are diving into the water for an underwater shoot, you can do waterproof makeup. Your makeup might not be prominent in the shots taken from a distance due to water, but in the closer shots that focus on your face; your makeup will make you look much better and stylish.

Perfect Camera

As we have mentioned earlier, waterproof cameras can be used to take pictures underwater and are available at a significantly low price. If your phone has a waterproof camera that can be used to take pictures underwater, you can use it to take your photographs. If you don’t have a waterproof phone or a camera and you do not want to invest in one just for a photoshoot, then you can purchase a waterproof covering lens from for your camera that can fit your existing camera. They are relatively inexpensive and are now available for almost all the popular camera brands and sizes.

Engage with Marine Life

You should take pictures with the fishes or the corals if they are available. You can swim deeper and take photos with the marine plants of different colors and shapes. If you are a diving expert, you can also take pictures in the underwater caves. The goal is to take photos of marine life’s beauty and cherish the nature that lives underwater. Focusing on yourself in the pictures will not give you the complete advantage of doing an underwater shoot. You need to use every beautiful site you get and pose to click random-looking stunning images.


A unique and creative idea would be to take underwater pictures with message boards with quotations or meaningful sayings on them. For example, if your wedding shoot is underwater, you can hold a board saying “Just Married”. If you just want to do an underwater shoot for aesthetic purposes and stunning pictures, you can grab a board displaying “Save Marine Life”.


You need to take care of yourself and ensure your safety while doing all these because if you are not very good at diving or swimming, you can get your life in danger by trying to do so. You need to be in contact with the Life Guards at the shore of the sea in which you are diving so that they can come to help you in case of any emergency. Although it is good to hire a professional underwater photographer for an underwater shoot when you are making so much effort for good pictures, if you do not want to hire a professional photographer, you need to make sure that the friend who is clicking your photograph is good at swimming as well.

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