INTERVIEW: Silk.collective Talks (And Premieres) New Music Video For “Wanderer”

London-based SILK.collective release debut single ‘Wanderer‘ alongside B-Side ‘Solo/Magnificent‘. Both tracks display an intricate tapestry of soulful vocals, bass-driven grooves and fiercely catchy song writing, reminiscent of early Lianne La Havas.

SILK.collective seamlessly weave alternative R’n’B and contemporary folk into a spell-binding kind of musical entity. Taking inspiration from groups such as The Internet, lead vocalist and songwriter Aimee Warren is the thread that ties the interchanging band members together. She states: ‘We want something different to a traditional, rigid band set-up. Instead, we embrace fluidity, allowing for constant change and growth. Silk invites every piece to stand on its own as an embodiment of all who were involved in its creation.’
Joining Aimee are the soulful melodies of her sister Jess Sawers-Warren (vocalist, synth and pianist)and producer, writer and bassist Naif Knowles. Aimee and Jess have collaborated before including recent backing arrangements for Boy George‘s tracks ‘Clouds‘ and ‘Isolation‘. Naif Knowles has played with multiple groups over the last 10 years including heavy psych-rock 3 piece Derelics. The eclectic combination of their influences results in a culmination of genres that turn heads and break molds.

Aimee describes ‘Wanderer’ as a tender yet bold commentary on the cyclical nature of self-discovery, loss and healing’. This vision is depicted in the beautifully colourful and mesmerizingly tranquil work of animation by Tamara Hardy

She states that B-Side ‘Solo/Magnificent‘ ‘tells a story of stumbling upon your true nature when finding yourself alone in an empty space, exploring insular moments of reflection.

We get to talk more about the album and single below!

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! I guess we’ve been as good as anyone can be in 2020.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Wanderer”?

Wanderer is a journey of reflection, introspection and courage. It depicts a space we can all get into where we try to digest feelings of uncertainty. The verses are the moments of accepting this state, and the chorus is a drop of reassurance / a reminder that you need more of the ‘honest you’ around. “Take from the rays, take from the ground, take from the days that lift me” completes a full circle of emotion that comes from feeling lost (which is hella common) to remind you that you’re good, there is gold around you, and not to lose sight of your true self.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

The piece started life with Naif Knowles as a composition for solo bass, inspired by soft rain slowly swelling into a storm. I (Aimee) wrote the lyrics at a crossroads in my life. I’m a very reflective person, and writing for me is a great form of release, a way to move forward, be better, do better. ‘Wanderer’ is about being unsure what you want to do in life to support your dream.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

We worked with the phenomenally talented director, producer and animator Tamara Hardy who put her heart and soul into this piece. There was a lot of back and forth about concepts and colour palettes; we found ourselves agreeing on most things! Tamara used shapes and symbolism to capture the joys and sorrows of the sole character on her journey. 

How was the recording and writing process?

We recorded the track from 2 home studios; it was a very natural & organic process which we didn’t rush. Naif learned many of the production skills over the first lockdown, so making ‘Wanderer’ & ‘solo Magnificent’ was our first big learning curve. 

What role does London play in your music?

2 of us grew up here, and Naif was born in a tiny town Uplowman, Devon but has lived here long enough to consider it home. I often get inspired to write about different places I’ve been on my travels, but North/East London is where we create our sound and get shit done. uplowman 

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

It does indeed – we have another A/B Side in mixing phase at the moment and we are very excited to release out into the universe!  

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Single ‘Ease’ will be accompanied by B-Side ‘Smoke’ on the next E.P, and we’ll be filming the next video for ‘Ease’ as soon as COVID permits. 

What else is happening next in SILK.collective’s world?

We’re working on song arrangements for our upcoming live video session at the lovely Rubber Factory Studio in Reading, and hopefully some other filmed sessions soon after. We’re gutted to not be able to play live right now, but we’re so excited at the prospect of it…I’m very sure everyone is looking forward to immersing themselves in live music, when life gets going again, bring on that energy and vibes!

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