Best Practices To Manage Remote Teams

Remote working is the work solution that has been adopted by many corporates. There are several benefits of remote working like the elimination of rent expenses, no management of workspace, no expenses on commuting, and more that attracted corporates towards remote working. 

Now, thanks to the pandemic, the corporate world had no option but to switch to remote working completely. While the original plan was to undertake this step only till the time things don’t get better, many companies and businesses are now adopting it permanently. 

Remote working might be working out for the corporates financially, but it is causing issues and challenges for the workforce. 

Many feel isolated, many can’t wait for their coffee breaks to bond with colleagues, and many are trying to fight unproductivity that is slowly capturing them in its arms. 

So how exactly do managers, HR leaders, and employers manage remote teams? Find out the right tools and tips that you need to keep in your mind when you are planning to strategize for your mobile teams. 

  • Leverage digitalization 

As technology has advanced, the landscape of the corporate world has shifted dramatically. Today, more and more companies are inclining towards investing in software and various tools. From project management to tracking time, there is software in the market for every problem that you might be facing. 

There is also collaborative project management software that allows you to ensure that your entire team can witness the various tasks that are needed to be done, who is responsible for what, and how much time a particular task takes. All of this information is available to them at a glance. 

Digital tools have certainly helped make the life of stakeholders a lot easier. 

  • Hire the right talent 

It will be easier for you to manage your remote team if they fit well with your organization. Apart from just focusing on the technical talent of new hires, you should also consider looking for the characteristics that will help you understand if they will fit well with your company’s culture. 

Moreover, you also need staff that is self-motivated, especially when it comes to remote working. 

When you are onboarding new employees, keep in mind to state the goals of the company clearly, and to clarify the company’s expectations right from the beginning. Also inform them about their task descriptions, KPIs, and job descriptions of their team members. 

  • Be flexible with work schedules

You never know what the other person might be going through when they are working from home. The chances are they have a family at home that might require them to shift their focus once in a blue moon. 

Or you might come across a situation where your employees understand they are more productive during the wee hours rather than up early in the morning. 

That is where you need to be flexible. As long as you are getting the work you require and the targets are being met, you should not force your employees to work at the times they are not comfortable at. 

It’s time you let them create their own principles and beliefs. 

  • Gather your team in person sometimes

Working remotely can often get overwhelming. These times can make one feel alone and isolated. 

When your team is not bonding, they will not be able to build relationships. It can cause issues for you as their productivity can get hampered or they might not be able to escape the monotony of their work. 

Every now and then, you should host a team meeting. Try to arrange an in-person meeting where your employees can indulge in informal conversations and develop personal bonds with their team members. 


To conclude, we can say that remote working is not an easy work arrangement. However, with the right practices and tools, you can tackle the many challenges that you might face otherwise.

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