All you need to know before buying a Perfume

What is the difference between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne? When buying a new perfume, it is important to be aware of the strengths of the different types of scents. In this article different types of perfumes and colognes are briefly explained,

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The highest fragrance concentration and therefore strength can be found in perfume. A few drops or squirts of perfume is therefore enough to keep you smelling good all day long. Due to the high percentage of fragrance components, namely 20% to 40% of perfume, this fragrance is often a bit more expensive than, for example, an eau de toilette.

Eau de parfum

With 10% to 20% aromatic ingredients, eau de parfum is slightly less strong than pure perfume. You can also keep smelling this form of perfume for a long time, although this can differ per brand. In addition, eau de parfum is the most common fragrance.

Eau de toilette

An eau de toilette is perfect for you if you use a scent as a refreshing touch. This fragrance consists of about 5% to 10% fragrance components. Please note: an eau de toilette does not last as long, so you need more squirts during the day to keep smelling the scent.

Eau de cologne

Do you want a scent that stays a bit more in the background? An eau de cologne is anything but predominant because this fragrance contains only 2% to 5% fragrances. An eau de cologne is often fresh and light, but it also disappears faster than an eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

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Which perfume do you give someone else or yourself?

Floral perfumes

Floral scents are often considered the most feminine type of perfume. They are the sweeter and powdery scents strongly associated with seduction, romance and passion. 

Woody perfumes

Do you like more unisex scents? Then a woody scent might be something for you. These perfumes are warm, pure, mysterious and enriched with ingredients such as sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. 

Fresh perfumes (and fruity)

Fresh and fruity perfumes provide an energy boost and are known to spread quickly to your environment. 

Oriental perfumes (and spicy)

Oriental perfumes correspond to spicy perfumes. Both scents are reminiscent of Oriental flowers and African spices. They are slightly more sensual than woody scents.

Extra advice on perfumes

  • Spray the perfume at different times. The difference in body temperature has an effect on the smell.
  • Shop a scent when you are hungry and your sense of smell is at its sharpest
  • Walk through the perfume instead of spraying it on your body
  • In case you didn’t know yet; do not rub! That makes the scent smell different.
  • Switch scents to keep stimulating your brain and smelling your scent (s)
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