Why does he text you good morning messages everyday

It is more than you think, you will be surprised to know what a simple good morning message has behind. And if you want to know more about when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean read here.

What does it mean for him to send you good morning messages on WhatsApp? Good morning beautiful, love, my dear, whatever I say. It’s very simple. It’s just a few words. But more than words, it is more than you think, you will be surprised to know what a simple good morning message has behind.

Sometimes we despise the good morning messages on WhatsApp but they hide a whole meaning, especially if it comes from your partner. Although it sounds hard to believe, it is not the same that he greets you first thing in the day as he does it in the afternoon or night. 

If he  texts you very early in the morning, if the first thing you see on your phone is a message from him saying good morning, he is letting you know that  you are the first person he wants to talk to today and the first person he was in your thought upon waking.


It’s letting you know: “I want to be the first thing you see when your eyes are open, if I can’t be there for that.” 

It’s letting you know: ‘You’re the first person I thought of before my eyes opened. So I texted you.

It’s letting you know: ‘Even though I’m not there, I wish I was.’

It’s a genuine compliment that makes you blush and smile even though you can’t see it. It’s what he’s waiting for as he closes his eyes and you’re the last thing on his mind.

It’s letting you know, “I want your day to start off right, even if it doesn’t.”

So it’s more than a good morning message. He is showing you through simplistic action, “I care about you.”

It’s easy to get caught up in our lives. It’s easy to start our days and put the people we care about in the background. But a morning text message is a bit of an effort. Not much, but a little, that means a lot.

It is simply someone making the choice. Because as much as loving and liking is a combination of destiny and risk … more than anything, it is a decision. It is a unique option. A morning message shows you: “I choose you.”

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