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Best Franchise Opportunities: Special Strong Adaptive Gym Franchise

Buying a gym franchise can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Special Strong is one of the several low investment franchises that are worth investing in. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Special Strong and becoming a franchise owner of an adaptive fitness gym.

Benefits of the adaptive fitness industry

Special Strong is the best franchise to start if you want to be an entrepreneur. Here are the following benefits of investing in the adaptive fitness industry.

1.      Operational business models.

Special Strong operates on a turnkey business model that can withstand the recession and is designed to generate profit in the long run. Thanks to the strong brand recognition of Special Strong, you don’t need to worry about customer base upon launching your business. You will have access to business plans, rules and regulations, procedures, and equipment. This low investment franchise is designed and ready to operate anytime.

2.      Lower franchise fees

You don’t need to be a millionaire to start a business. In fact, Special Strong is one of the gym franchises that offer a low franchise fee. You also don’t need to be an expert in adaptive fitness. You will work with certified adaptive fitness professionals upon launching the business to ensure the quality of services.

3.      Have a flexible schedule.

Now that you are a gym franchise owner, you are free to work on your schedule as you please. Franchising Special Strong allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and book holiday trips more often. It also gives you some time to explore other hobbies and time for yourself.

4.      High earning potential.

Investing in the fitness industry allows you to benefit from high earning potential. The number of Americans who buy gym memberships is increasing as they realize the importance of getting fit. Fitness is not just a trend but a lifestyle. Investing in a gym franchise allows you to see real financial growth.

5.      Wide range of services.

Thanks to the varied target of the adaptive fitness industry, you can also benefit from the wide range of services and more opportunities to earn money. When we talk about special populations, we do not limit to autistic people but also extend our services to cancer survivors, diabetic, disabled, and injured folks.

Launch your business with Special Strong today

Amidst hundreds of fitness franchise opportunities, only in Special Strong, you will have a chance to make a positive difference in someone’s lives. The main vision of this adaptive fitness gym is to help mentally and physically-challenged people to have a better quality of life.

Low franchise fee

Special Strong offers the owest cost gym franchise in the industry without a brick-and-mortar gym. This investment allows you to benefit from faster financial growth and unlimited earning potential.

Turnkey business model

Special Strong has developed a breakthrough business model that can help franchise owners to generate a steady flow of income in the long run. Even in the midst of a recession, the business can continue to operate. You don’t need to stress yourself coming up with a business strategy with this business model.

Ongoing support

Whether it’s your first time owning a business or not, rest assured that you will receive ongoing support from Special Strong. All franchisees can access the Special Strong University anytime, containing all the references, e-books, and resources that can guide you in running the business. Besides that, you are also encouraged to attend the weekly webinars and coaching to up your business strategy and management.

Special Strong Franchising Levels

Thanks to the scalable business model that Special Strong offers, you can now compete in the market. Here are the following franchise levels to choose from when investing in Special Strong:

Level 1

Level one does not require a brick and mortar gym. You can launch Special Strong and offer in-house adaptive training to your clients. Because of this simple business model, the overhead and franchise costs are lower compared to the other level. Beginners in business can experience and benefit from recurring revenue with limited competition. With no real estate purchase required, you can launch the business as soon as possible.

Level 2

Level two requires a physical gym. This business model allows you to accommodate all demographics and offer extensive services. Besides that, Special Strong will allow you to operate using the brick and mortar concept. You can use the equipment for your client’s needs and other adaptive features to give expert services.

Becoming a franchise owner with lower costs

Undoubtedly, Special Strong is one of the low-cost gym franchises in the industry. If you want to get the best franchise opportunities, you have found the right brand. Special Strong will let you access their advanced marketing tools to grow your business.

How to create a strong bond with Special Strong

As a Special Strong franchisee, you are more than just a franchise owner of the gym. You are now part of the family. Here are some tips to keep in mind to build a strong bond with Special Strong:

Communicate effectively with your franchisor.

Build and nurture a strong relationship with your franchisor by communicating effectively. If they give you feedback on how to improve business management, listen, and respond. The original owners are more than happy to help you grow the brand and see you succeed. You will also learn from their past mistakes that you can avoid in the long run.

Attend the training.

Aside from the ongoing assistance from Special Strong, we also offer weekly webinars and online training to help the business grow. We highly encourage you to attend all training and take it seriously. Knowledge from the experts can help you in business management, especially in overcoming difficulties and challenges.

Focus on your career.

Becoming a Special Strong franchise owner will give you a rewarding career, so focus on growing it. Thinking about how much money you can make is normal, but don’t chase after the earnings. Instead, focus on the opportunities and career paths that will help you become a better entrepreneur and run the business successfully.

Create a great marketing plan.

The competition in the market can be tough, so you need to come up with an excellent marketing campaign to stand above the crowd. That being said, make use of the advantages that social media and the internet can give you. Allocate some budget for the marketing campaign to attract new clients to your branch.

Offer high-quality services.

Keep customer loyalty in your brand by maintaining the quality of the services in Special Strong. Investing and hiring certified adaptive fitness professionals to ensure the quality of adaptive fitness training. Hiring trainers without credentials can affect the reputation of your business.

How much can I earn by being a Special Strong gym franchise owner?

The low-cost investment of Special Strong allows you to experience faster financial growth. Here are the following tips to keep in mind to increase the profit in a gym franchise:

1.      Do not give discounts.

Discounts are only meant for the holiday season or special occasion, not to be given regularly. Rest assured that your clients will be willing to pay in exchange for high-quality adaptive fitness training in Special Strong.

2.      Increase the price.

Do not be afraid to increase the price. More than anyone else, you know the value and experience that you give to your clients. Stop giving prices that are in the range of the industry you are working on. By hiring a certified adaptive fitness trainer, you can ensure the quality of services and increase the rates of the training to generate more profit.

3.      Stop competing on price.

As mentioned earlier, your clients are willing to invest money in quality, valuable service. Hence, do not compete on price with the market. You need to have a deeper understanding of the special population if you want to offer the best adaptive training services.

4.      Find ways to reduce costs.

Reducing costs can also help in increasing profits. List down all your costs and evaluate each, if there is something you can trim down. You can also look for other suppliers who can give you discounts and remove any unnecessary expenses to further shrink your costs. By doing so, you can increase the profits of your gym franchise.

5.      Check on other franchises.

Other Special Strong franchise owners are not your competitors. Instead, this is the best time to exchange ideas and advice with each other. Do not be afraid to reach out and check on them.

6.      Take your marketing to the next level.

Special Strong will give you access to advanced, customizable marketing tools. Now, it is your job to utilize and makes the most of it. Take your marketing game to the next level and see your business grow. These tools, when used effectively, can yield great results.

7.      Connect with your clients.

Your number one priority should be your clients. Get to know your best clients. Who are they? What can you do to keep them satisfied with your services? Who are the clients you make the least money with? What can you address these issues?

8.      Sell related merchandise.

You can also increase your profits by adding other merchandise or products that will support the services you offer. Of course, you still need to ask for approval from your franchisor, but this is also a great new stream of income.

Why should you choose Special Strong?

Why is Special Strong the best franchise to start? Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy once you invest in this well-loved brand:

1.      Low-cost investment.

Amidst hundreds of fitness franchise opportunities, Special Strong offers the cheapest cost investments in the industry. Compared to the expensive, standard gym franchise fees, you only need $37,850 to get started with Special Strong.

2.      Inclusive environment.

Special Strong does not limit its services to autistic people. In fact, it also reaches out to the diabetic, senior citizen, cancer survivors, and injured people. Everyone, no matter the disability, is welcome in Special Strong. It gives you an edge over other adaptive fitness gyms because you have wider services to offer.

3.      Financing assistance.

Special Strong believes that anyone with potential should have a chance to become a gym franchise owner. We are an approved SBA Express Loan Lender. We are more than happy to assist you in the application for financing and launch your own gym. We will walk you through step by step and also ensure the success of your application to get started.

4.      Continuing education.

Special Strong remains on top of the best franchise opportunities in the industry because of the continuing education that we offer. Anyone who wants to become a certified and expert adaptive fitness professional can complete the program and earn the certificate. Completing this course will also give you a deeper understanding of the special population before you are ready to serve them.

5.      Make a difference.

Lastly, Special Strong makes a difference in the lives of the special population. If you want to witness breakthrough stories, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and inspiring experiences of the disabled population, now’s your chance to work with them. Special Strong believes that no matter the disability, everyone deserves a better quality of life through physical training. You will not only be generating steady profits in the long run, but you will also meet diverse and inspiring disabled persons whose lives are going to be changed by this brand. It is the home to hope for many disabled persons.


Special Strong is one of the best fitness franchise opportunities in the industry. Joining the team could be your next, best career move. Why settle for less when you can live a fulfilling lifestyle with us? This is your chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life while improving yours in the long run.

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