What is in another world with my Smartphone season 2

Production Reed was the reason for “In Another World With My Smartphone Season 1″and Funimation dubbed it. However, still there is no ‘official’ associated with the drama be it author or studio, who can be heard confirming about In another world with my Smartphone season 2

In another world with my Smartphone season 2 Plot

The viewers can see Touya and his current harem. Out of many, I am mentioning two of non-harem characters and they are as follows:-

Touya Mochizuki: There is main 15 year old character that was the reason for isekai’d into another world. He was gifted with the ability to caste his magic spells from God.

Yumina Urnea Belfast : She hails from a royal family and as being the daughter of a king, she has evil eyes and can understand the true nature of a person. 

Similarly, there are other characters as well. The viewers may get to see robots. The anime is expected to be surrounded with lots of fun and humor for fans to witness. Regarding the sequence of events, the plot consists of 16 months where age seems to be quite weird. The characters may find themselves to be young, but are actually older and psychologically different than what Touma is habitual of. 

There are equal number of supporting characters even as there is no limit to the fantasy world when comes to light novels. Talking about last scene, we come to witness a mysterious character namely Ende who makes the appearance. As the fans are eagerly waiting to see and witness them in Season 2

In another world with my Smartphone season 2 release date

There are few parameters which act as the base for starting of another season. One of the reasons is that it should be profitable. Yes, Season – 1 was left at the point when the viewers were wishing for another. People actually expected that Season 2 would have actually started way back in the year 2018. Still two years later, there hasn’t been any confirmation as such. 

Also, for an anime to be a part of another season, it should be making profit, after all it is where the business is at stake. The light novel did gain lots of popularity online, but that wasn’t the case with anime as it collected lots of harsh criticism. It seemed that season 1 was aired too quickly, by skipping plots and characters. It generates a score of 6.51 on MAL currently. 

Many people are saying that the reason why announcement was made for another season, would actually be a ploy to sell light novel. As  this feeling has started to sink in, considering so many years have passed, and there has been no official announcement as such, till date. 

When it comes to light novels, there is no dearth of source material which could make way for another season. The first one moves through volume 3 of light novels and finishes off around 70 of web novel. 

There are total of 19 light novels published, while 18 are in English. Hence, there is no dearth of content which we get for the anime.

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