Top 5 Self Defense Tips That Everyone Should Know

Imagine you’re walking down a dark street towards your home, and suddenly sense that you’re being followed by someone. Right after some that, you feel a little movement behind you, and that’s where the mind starts freezing, and the heart goes boom boom! Don’t feel bad. It’s our body’s natural reaction to every uncertain situation we’re not prepared for.

Rising Crime Rate in the US

Crimes rates have been increasing in America recently, including street crimes, rapes, intruders, and everything. All of these things point out the single element, Self Defense training. The more you’re prepared for such events in advance, the better you can deal with them. That being said, here are some of the top self Defense Tips that would empower you to live with fear.

1# Understand the Self Defense Law of your place

It’s crucial to know what you can and can’t do during self-defense situations. Study the law of your country. Some countries even allow the residents to carry the weapons for self-defense, and one can get a weapon without much hassle legally. If you’re carrying a gun, it is advisable to keep an extra fnx 45 magazine

If you’re an American resident, the states allow self-defense, but you need to ensure that your response is legally defensible in the law court.

2# Carry yourself confidently

A person’s way of walking shows how bold and strong he or she is. The key to self-defense lies in body language. You should stand wall and keep your shoulder straight, chins high while talking. With that posture, not only will you look strong, but your lungs would get more oxygen, which results in better attention like with a efk fire dragon.

3# Trust your gut

Most of the time, gut feelings are right under the self-defense situations. So, if you feel something shady is going on, get your mind prepared to respond quickly. 

4# Study the environment 

One should see what’s in front of them and stay aware of what’s going around in the environment. When you’re walking through an unfamiliar place, start studying the environment, look for alternate paths, and analyze all the potential dangers around yourself. In this way, you can be prepared beforehand in any critical situation.

5# Learn about pressure points 

In many street crimes and rape cases, the attackers do not usually carry a gun or weapon but use their force to dominate the other person. That’s why you should take some fighting sessions for self-defense and educate yourself on all the pressure points of the human body. In this way, you can inflict damage on the attacker.

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