Jordan Langhorne

Jordan Langhorne Created Platforms For Sports Card Investors

Jordan Langhorne has created many platforms for sports card investors and collectors to engage in the hobby and market. Jordan has created and built over five different Facebook groups that serve and help all out 100,000 group members engage with their favorite hobby. The sports card market has been one of the top markets worldwide during the pandemic and Jordan has definitely put in the work to fuel the market and make sure everyone is able to engage with the market at the click of a button. These groups enable members to buy and sell their favorite sports cards and memorabilia pieces as well as engage in live box breaks. Jordan also has developed a card PSA card grading service that all members can use and get discounted rates on grading.

Facebook Group Links:
“Panini Prizm Sportscards” (
“Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards”(
“Autographs 247” (
“Panini Sportscards” (
“Soccer/Fútbol Sportscards” (
“Jordan’s PSA Submissions” (

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