Intense Post Apocalyptic Movie List

There is nothing like sitting back and relaxing while watching intense Post Apocalyptic movies. It is always nice to be entertained as you know each staff member of the movies worked real hard. We all know they would want nothing more than to make you enjoy each second of the movie. Here are some post apocalyptic movies that I have loved and will guarantee to capture your attention:

Independence Day

We are right in the future and we follow the adventures of Will Smith trying to fight through aliens. Indeed, the special effects are what you would expect in a movie that is deemed as one of the best of all time. You are going to find yourself cheering for the main characters until the end. It is one of those things that make this movie so iconic. You would want to stay until the very end even though it is considered pretty long. It is also a kid’s movie so better bring the entire family along with you. After all, it is not a movie when the hero is not forced with some sort of hurdles along the way.

I am Legend

This movie is one of those movies that would come out once in a lifetime. You know it is good when people still remember it twenty years later as something that has a lot of cool action sequences. It even has various plot twists that people would still remember up to this day. There are always remake rumors but none seem to come true due to various reasons coming out.

Book of Eli

This high octane action movie about a good guy trying to transport a book. Of course, you can expect a lot of action here as it is one of those movies that will keep you at the edge of your seat while guessing every second what is going to happen next. The movie is also full of big names that you will surely recognize.

The Road

It involves a bunch of comedic actors living up the life in Hollywood then an asteroid strikes the earth and suddenly we are at the end of the world. It is a hilarious movie that does not forget to take itself a bit more seriously than what it is supposed to. You are going to be at the edge of your seat as the director did a great job in keeping everyone guessing as to what will happen next. Before you know it, you will be surprised because of what would happen next in the script.

The Day After Tomorrow

It is one of those classic old movies that got recently revived. As the title says, it is a time when the planet is taken over by apes and humans decide to explore that part where they don’t know what is happening. If you ask a few people about their all-time favorite movies, don’t be surprised if this one pops up as one of them. This movie was so good that it spawned not only a remake but two sequels of the remake. Word going around is that there is more on the way. A lot of props need to go out to the costume designers as they had me believing that those were apes.

28 Days Later

This is one of those classic zombie movies where the protagonist wakes up in the middle of the night completely forgetting who she is and how she got there. What she does not know is that there is a virus outbreak and people are turning real violent. Hence, better not blink as the entire movie is full of exciting action sequences that will stay with you for a pretty long time. We all find out that it is no joke to try and contain a virus as it can spread fast. The only thing we can do is hope to contain it by staying at home in the meantime.

All the above movies are great for movie dates or times when you want something to do with the entire family or a group of friends. You know you are going to enjoy every single second of these post apocalyptic movies when it is in high definition on a widescreen TV.

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