Princeton film-student, Indigo Suave, journeys into the world of creation

Michael Osei-Wusu, known as Indigo Suave is a film director & visual artist. Around the age of 7, he developed a passion for both film and soccer. However, growing up soccer took more of an important role. He attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD where he excelled academically and athletically. He committed to play soccer at Princeton University in 2016.

While at Princeton, he spent most his freshman year taking an interest in film/media classes.

“It wasn’t until my freshman spring that I had decided that I wanted to do this. I couldn’t find myself enjoying anything else.”

His freshman summer he spent his time interning with LET Networks in Washington, DC. Suave recalls that as a time where he grew and learned a lot.

“It was great being able to collaborate and contribute to visual projects.” He spent most his time traveling to events filming and often times editing many of his own videos. The rest of his summer he spent shooting mini visual projects with his friend and artist, Lulu. That gave him a good platform, which enabled him to practice filming, gain experience with the camera, and boost his creativity. Suave’s journey into the world of music video production and directing started to take shape.

 In the fall of his sophomore year, Suave eventually founded ASUAVEPRODUCTION. During this period, he had to juggle it with attending school, majoring in visual art and still playing soccer at Princeton.  After an interview question about how he was able to cope with all that, he said, “It’s not as bad as you think. My classes aren’t as high stressed because my major is Visual Arts & Film. So there is a lot of freedom that I have that is really rare at Princeton. And soccer has been part of my life since I was out of the womb, so I’ve always made time to set aside for practice and games. But as time passes you really start to recognize how essential being disciplined is, it’s the only thing we can control”

Suave’s first official visual project, Alchemy, was produced and filmed overseas in Iceland; this was his first collaboration with artist Lulu. The music visuals were breathtaking, and the music video depicted the beauty of the song. The second video was song Starcaster which was produced and filmed in Philadelphia, and once again, the work was excellent. It was a dream-like performance from “Orisha” that the band brought the song to life.

The third production was Farewell, which was released from the collaborators; the shooting took place in a suburban town; the song’s lyrics highlight the closeness we can engage in relationships. “The pictures and the song should tell the same story, that’s the crux of how we create” Indigo Suave expressed.

ASAUVEPRODUCTION recently has also announced the release of their new music video Zzz, which is expected to come out before the end of this year. One thing we are definite to find in this new visual project is consistency. A consistency between the song and the visuals, and that they are meant to reflect each other. This unique style labeled as visual poetry has greatly influenced the creative mindset of Indigo Suave and his production company. He describes it as, “a visual display where words and visuals express the same story and reflect each other effortlessly. That is what making music videos and movies are about, how well can you translate the written words to moving pictures. And that is where creativity flows in—the more you think the more you’ll see that the possibilities are endless.”

 This upcoming year should be very exciting to see what the young filmmaker has in store. A line up of visual projects is expected to drop throughout the entirety of all next year, “A project month, Suave exclaims. “The plan for the near and long term are always the same, which is to learn more and create more. 3D and CGI can really take our production to new heights which is what we expect to do this year. We have a lot of projects set aside just for that”.

Suave ultimate plans are to expand the production company into a conglomerate of visual projects such as tv shows, short films, movies, and photography.

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