Introducing Spiritual Healing with Style; In the Spotlight: Jannik Olander

The human mind experiences tons of varying emotions from childhood. Humans tend to be deep thinkers, intuitive feelers, and great observers. They have a unique ability to feel and sympathize extensively towards everything. Due to this, the mind becomes prone to existential depression and anxiety, and lots of other mental health issues.  

Humankind needs resources to heal themselves from the aching wounds of resentment, grief, self-rejection, unforgiveness, and shame. While some resort to medications and therapies, there are a few who believe in spiritual healing. Spiritual healing has many variations, but the most effortless, powerful, and stylish method is the ‘Crystal Stone Healing.’

Crystals and gemstones have been used for healing purposes for thousands of years by ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Egyptians, etc. The stones are said to have a powerful ability to relieve a person from mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. While many have benefitted from crystals’ healing powers, Jannik Olander, a renowned personality, has personally experienced the gemstones’ miraculous outcomes. He is the CEO, founder, and design head of Nialaya – a high-end jewelry brand that deals in creating jewelry that is beaded with precious and semi-precious stones.

Spirituality Paving the Way

It is a basic human behavior to resort to or seek help when in trouble. Humans instinct to resort to a superior power or someone who pulls them out from their sorrows and end their worries. While many fall back on their friends, family, spouses, and relatives, many believe in seeking spiritual help. Some people have a strong belief in it since the start, whereas others stumble upon it and find themselves healing, later transforming into loyal believers and followers. Such was the case of Jannik Olander.

Born and brought in Klattrup, Vejle in Denmark, Jannik Olander inherited his mother’s artistic abilities. He completed his schooling in Vejle before flying out into the world to excel in his career. Jannik’s first stop was London. He was nineteen when he bagged his first job at Harvey Nichols – a luxury department store in London. The very next year, he moved to Miami, where he began modeling. At twenty-one the age he moved to Munich, where he started working for Polo Ralph Lauren. He gained plenty of experience by moving to different cities and working with different people. So, after he was promoted to the position of store manager of a flagship store in Hamburg, he decided to resume studying and enrolled at Copenhagen Business school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. At twenty-six, he moved to Denmark and opened his own Ralph Lauren store, but as he was the youngest person ever to do, it had to be approved by Ralph Lauren New York.

In his early thirties, Jannik had created a fashion empire in Copenhagen by adding seven more shops, including stores high-end fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger Men’s and Women’s, Tommy Jeans, Polo Kids, Polo Jeans, Ralph Lauren Women’s. At thirty-two, he sold his entire operation in an effort to try his luck in both real estate and his t-shirt company, called Gorilla, which was one of the biggest printed T-shirt companies in Europe. After three years, he sold his t-shirt company, moved to Los Angeles, and invested all of his money in real estate. Unfortunately, in 2008, the real estate crashed, and he lost most of his money.

Jannik decided to go on a trip to India to relax his stressed and confused mind so that he could think of an alternative to be back in the business. Little did he know that this trip would enlighten him spiritually and rejuvenate his innatism.

On his trip to Goa, a coastal city in India, he met a local Shaman. The Shaman examined the lines on his palm and looked deeply into Jannik’s eyes. Something about the mysterious Shaman was so peaceful and calming that Jannik spent almost four hours with him discussing his past, future, and present life. He read Jannik’s energy and gave him spiritual guidance. All this was very foreign to Jannik, but the talks and accuracy that the Shaman possessed forced Jannik to believe him. Jannik was given a black stone by him and was asked to use it wisely as it had great powers and was Jannik’s birthstone.  The brief meeting with the Shaman had a long-lasting impact on Jannik’s life. After returning from his trip, Jannik reflected on the Shaman’s words. He used his last $5000 and his creative instincts to design and craft macrame necklaces and bracelets in his garage on an Ikea table in Hollywood Hills. After that, there was no looking back. The healing powers of the stone gifted by the Shaman had cleansed Jannik’s aura from stagnant energies and emotional blockages.

Jannik was impressed by the impact that stone had on his life. He did not forget the shaman guidance and paid tribute to him by naming his company after the Shaman’s name, ‘Nialaya.’ Within a few months, Jannik began selling his brand from a store in Beverly Hills, and by 2011 he had his flagship store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Celebrity Stone Obsession

Jannik Olander was widely known in Hollywood, due to which he dealt with a high-end clientele from the very beginning. His first-ever deal with the popular rapper P. Diddy is how he got introduced to the star-studded Hollywood. Nialaya was a huge success after its sales to P. Diddy. Jannik says, “He has been a great customer ever since, and I have been invited to many things with him. He is a superstar in the US, and through him, I have met lots of other stars. It seems funny enough that they all know each other. It is a very small industry, and they are good at helping to introduce me: ‘Jannik the Jeweler‘ as they call me“.

Today, Nialaya continues to evolve and continue to their global expansion. They are famous all around the world by the slogan ‘Handmade in Hollywood.’ The jewelry made by the precious stones took the elite Hollywood celebrities by storm from day one. Jannik’s jewelry is highly valued and admired by celebrities due to its modern design and aesthetic colors that blend in with any outfit.

As a generous and kind-hearted man, Jannik decided to give back to the countries from where he sourced his stones and donated food, medicine, and toys to many charities. He aims to inspire individuals with his work story and thinks to normalize the concept of spiritual healing among the masses. 

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