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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Profession Of A Project Manager In IT

Do you dream to get a job in IT without special technical knowledge? It’s absolutely real! You can, for example, become a project manager. Read this post if you want to be an internet marketing project manager and don’t know where to start. We will tell you what specialists do in cool IT companies and where to learn doing this.

What a marvelous beast is this project manager?

A project manager is a specialist whose main task is to manage the project as a whole: design and prioritization, execution planning, control, communication, as well as prompt problem solving. The project manager or PM helps the team in everything: the process, allocates time and tasks, thinks about risks, solves problems and closes all gaps in work. Whatever happens, he is in charge of the project with his head.

PM is a non-technical position, but most IT managers are former developers or testers. Thus, according to the search query “Project Manager” (in the fields of “information technology”, “software development” and “Internet technologies”), the LinkedIn search base finds 2,905 people, 1,467 (51%) of whom are former technical specialists: in the past 1182 worked as “software engineer” or “developer” and 285 – “tester” or “QA”.

What a PM should know and be able to do?

The knowledge and skills of a manager depend on the project in which he is engaged. Here we are talking about digital, so here is the main thing you need to know to manage tasks in this area.

Technical skills

You will manage developers and designers, which means that it would be good to understand the code, programming languages ​​and their features, the work of the site and special services. It is not less important to realise the significance of user experience, how to make prototypes and layouts, conduct analytics, and know the basics of UI / UX.

Time management

Each task has a deadline, and there is often not enough time. It is necessary not only to read about time management, but also to start using it. Moreover, you will have to figure out the effectiveness of each decision and each member of the team in order to comply with the plan and do it efficiently or get ready to put out constant fires.

Communication skills

Learn to communicate to convey what you want correctly. A PM is primarily about people management. Build contact with and within the team, praise and criticize, explaining your reactions. And one more thing – learn to speak the business language with the project customer.

Management methodologies

The style and method of management depend on a dozen factors. There are flexible and purely conservative ones, but no one will say which one is right for you. You will find it out during experiments or under the wing of a mentor.

7 reasons why it is cool to be a PM

  1. The PM position is suitable for sociable people who enjoy attending meetings and brainstorming. The project manager communicates with clients, with the team, with each specialist individually. Like? The further – the better.
  2. This is a job where you constantly learn new things. In addition to technical knowledge within the company, you become a pro in the consumer’s business: an expert in the selection of dog food and web development consulting.
  3. PM immerses himself in the customer’s business processes: he studies all the features in order to adjust the Internet marketing strategy.
  4. Moment of glory: in the eyes of friends, acquaintances PM is an erudite, a guru of everything in the world.
  5. This is an opportunity to use your organizational skills. The manager always almost intuitively knows who and how quickly will cope with the task. Indicates adequate deadlines.
  6. This position is for those who like to help people: to observe how the client’s business is developing, how from 10 transactions per month, 100 – 150 transactions are obtained.
  7. PM is philosophical about routine tasks and relishes the creative part of his professional life.

Why does not everyone hold up in this position?

When interviewing for a PM position, recruiters don’t aim to scare the job seeker. It is important to warn the potential employee about the dark companions of future work. There are two of them:


Specialist  can have from 10 to 20 tasks at a time. And these are meetings, negotiations, working with expectations, disruptions to deadlines, preparation of reporting documentation for each undertaking. This is an eternal race and the need to constantly keep abreast of Internet marketing trends: what are the working chips, new effective tools, profitable advertising channels. At the same time, it is necessary to keep track of deadlines, coordinate the work of the team, and be able to delegate tasks.


Withstanding difficult negotiations with a difficult customer is perhaps not as difficult as responsibility. PM is the face of the company. Any mistake by a team member, errors, unsuccessful promotion strategy – and the responsibility for the failure falls on the organizer. Damaged reputation, loss of money, time, work in vain are the result of the PM’s dishonest work. Therefore, such organizational activity is not suitable for everyone.

Project manager job responsibilities

Team collaboration

Depending on the project, RM works in a team with PPC and SEO specialists, web analysts, sales managers and other experts. The client does not need to ask the SEO specialist for details: how, when and what will be done. This is the administrator’s job. He is responsible to ensure that the marketing strategy is implemented as agreed with the client. PM is the link between the customer and the company.

A lot of the manager’s time is spent on organizing teamwork. It depends on the PM how clearly the goal is formulated, how the team members will understand it, which path will be chosen to achieve the set KPIs.

The work is structured in this way: for the PM, the client is the customer, for the employees of the company, the client is the PM himself. He pushes specialists, requires more productivity. Provides customer feedback, coordinates actions:

  • advertising technician;
  • programmers;
  • designers;
  • accountants.

Communication with the client

The PM must be able to present adequately the company’s services to the client. Therefore, creating high-quality, understandable and beautiful presentations is a must-have for an executive.

In his work, PM not only analyzes the situation, finds a difficult question, comes up with a solution to the problem, but also communicates the need for changes to the customer in an accessible manner.

PM translates the information received from the client into a sequential list of tasks with set priorities. Therefore, the project manager speaks equally well two languages: “client” – the language of KPIs, business tasks and strategies, and “technical” – the language of technical specifications, priorities and professional terms.

An important part of the job is conflict management and dealing with difficult clients. Such, for example, who “themselves know how to do it.”

Who is the profession suitable for?

So, what basic qualities should a PM have:

  • analytical mind;
  • the ability to comprehensively analyze the current situation;
  • the ability to assess the consequences of a management decision;
  • ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

If all of the listed qualities are inherent in you, you can safely look for a vacancy in a project management firm.

Useful tips for beginners from seasoned project managers

  1. Do not wait until the list of tasks for the day do not fit on A4 paper, but learn to “manage” yourself. Use services to plan your time, organize information, and prioritize.
  2. Learn to pass information through the “Why?” Filter at a reflex level. Before rushing headlong to fulfill the instructions of the client / manager within the company. This way you will save the director from wasting time and money, and the team from thoughtless work “just to do it”.
  3. Take the initiative, go beyond the scope of the specialized service. At the same time, it is necessary to observe a clear boundary between what the RM is obliged to in accordance with the agreements with the client and what he does as a “good gesture”.
  4. Keep your cool – learn to discuss any issue and situation without hysteria and shouting.

Try! What if this is exactly the job you’ve always dreamed of?

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