A Healthier Option; Use A Vaporizer Instead Of Smoking

Once you’ve arrived at this article, you’ve probably already grown tired of the constant reminders from friends and families that smoking is horrible for your health – and it is! So you went online to start searching for something else to get your nicotine fix. Lo and behold, the option of vaporizers and vaping!

You all probably already heard about what vaporizers are – more commonly known as just vapes, are basically just known as electronic cigarettes. The use of vapes is considered healthier since they don’t cause the same diseases as what cigarettes do – since the juices/oils don’t have tar in it, making it way better than cigarettes in that sense.

The main benefit of using a vaporizer instead of just the traditional smoking method is that there is no smoke involved – since there is no actual combustion going on. Inhaling the smoke causes the breakdown of tar within your lungs, and that causes them to darken. Meaning there’s no first-hand nor second-hand smoking involved whatsoever.

Different types of vaporizers can cater to everyone, depending on what you want. Some vaporizers are for the home that you can use every now. Some are more portable for those who want to definitely use it as a cigarette substitute.

Volcano Vaporizers

Along with being so much healthier than cigarette smoking, vaporizers can easily cater to all types of smokers. There’s no better vaporizer to get your hands on other than the most popular whip-like vaporizers. They’re basically the Rolls-Royces of the vaporizer industry. Not to mention that they have 3 different types of vaporizers – Classic, Digital, and Hybrid.

How much does a Volcano Vaporizer cost to buy?” you might ask yourself – well, since they do have an excellent reputation for the brand, you can expect that it’s nothing like buying candy from a candy store. Before you come at me with these vaporizers’ high price, it’s definitely worth the high price tag, believe me.

You get a great user experience since you can adjust the temperatures you want to work with right at the dial or the digital display at the front of the machine. Whether you choose the balloon attachment or the tube, you’re still going to get the vapors you want, as long as you have the patience to wait 1-2 minutes while your vaporizer fires itself up!

Standard Vaporizers

These vaporizers are what you’d commonly find on the market if you don’t splurge out for the Volcano vaporizers. They somewhat resemble what a hookah would be like since they have the whole “through-a-tube” trope just like a hookah. These vaporizers are commonly known as desktop/table vaporizers.

These can either be made out of metal or out of glass, so expect to spend a little more than usual if you want good quality. What’s great about vaporizers is that you get higher concentrations in the vapors for less the amount of supply! So if you’re doing it for the cannabis, then you’re going to have to spend less on refilling what you want.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are what people think about when you first say “vape” since it’s the most popular and most commonly used. This type of vaporizer is the easiest to buy and the easiest to maintain since there are lots of shops that offer a repairing service. Today’s society prefers to use these hand-held vaporizers over cigarettes!

It’s better to use these hand-held vapes over just smoking cigarettes because you’re getting the nicotine that your body desires without causing harm to you nor the others around you – you exhale vapors, not smoke. Not to mention how you can get different concentrations of nicotine and various flavors of the juice. So not only is it healthier, it’s tastier too!

All you really need to operate in the hand-held vaporizers are the buttons to change the wattage – basically, the temperature at which your machine burns the juice and the “fire” button that just activates the whole process. There are many different types of portable vaporizers, but the most common would be pen-style vaporizers.

Pen-style Vaporizers

It should be pretty apparent that these vaporizers take the shape of a pen – it’s in the name! It’s probably the most popular for the simple but unique design, though the battery life isn’t sought out. Watch out for juice spillage whenever you keep it in your back, breast, and leg pockets; those things can get leaky when they’re not upright!


Everyone who’s a smoker who’s tried to quit smoking knows that actually quitting is pretty hard – because of the nicotine in the cigarettes. Switching over to vaporizers as soon as you can definitely benefit you in the long run – both health and cost-wise! Just splurge out on a standard or even portable vaporizer, and you can get your nicotine more healthily.

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