New EP Discovery: BriGuel – TBD

The artistic duo BriGuel is back with a new EP titled TBD. The release is a follow-up to the New York City-based couple’s EP 2020 Vision. The new EP consists of 6 songs. All are mixes of genres, cultures, and languages, making the duo not just representatives but frontliners of diversity. 

Miguel’s Spanish verses have fire and passion, while Brianne’s ethereal vocals bring to the scene their emotionally mature songwriting in English. Miguel bursts and explodes while rapping, Brianne on the other hand, makes your heart melt with her calming and gorgeous voice. 
Their duo is an explosive mixture of fire and air elements: their unity is dangerously captivating and beautifully enchanting. They are a bilingual and bicultural emotional loop, and on TBD, they open the rings and unlock the loop, stirring your soul with their epic soundscapes.

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