How neuroscience can help you in decision making?

Neuroscience: A wonderful science studying a “miracle”

It is a relatively new science, dealing with the gray matter of brain. Neuroscience is a science between biology and medicine, aiming at clearing the parameter that makes us happy!

The operation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and of our brain, are the subject of this amazing and extremely interesting science, studying both the intentional and unintentional processes of each person, realized in this complex organ, affecting the behavior, the psychology and the learning operations of every person.

THE HISTORY: Testimonies place the neuroscience having roots before many centuries, from the ancient Greece, even from the era of Herodotus. The brain’s study, was always a subject of exploration and surely of admiration, being possible with simple means in the past, and with super modern imaging in the recent years.

Difficult decisions or just a neurologic problem?

According to studies of neuroscientists, the serious decision making may reduce significantly the stress and the anxiety and to facilitate the feeling of worry and insecurity in a person.

So, it is not a coincidence that following the decision making for a serious matter of your life, you feel an endless relief and satisfaction (and we could say), peace as well!  You can always have a little help from science for better and clearer brain function .(Nootropics)

The decision making is not one dimension situation. To take a decision there should be defined a goal, a wish. So, the first stage is possible by adopting a goal.

Then to have the achievement of the goal, the person should avoid negative impulsions and pessimistic thoughts, to overcome the fear and its insecurities and naturally to be able to take a decision. So, the second stage is taking place by being dedicated to the goal adopted.

This whole process for the creation of a desire, the institution of a goal and the dedication to be achieved, leads the person to a different perception of the world and to discharge from negative feelings (stress, fear, pessimism, sadness).

Good or bad decisions?

Do not waste your time to find the best decision…simply take a good, satisfactory, just and right decision!

The need to find the best decision witnesses an intense emotional activity which the only thing that achieves is to increase your stress and the feeling of insecurity. This intense situation affects the brain’s functioning and activates its interventricular prefrontal cortex.

On the contrary, when you enter the process of discriminating the perfect from the satisfactory decision, the external dorsal prefrontal cortex is activated and you feel to hold the full control, to be safe,, you feel relaxed and loose.

CONCLUSION: The problem is not to take the PERFECT DECISION, but the making of a GOOD DECISION, which could liberate the brain and your soul from unpleasant emotions and stresses! Take a decision and leave the postponements away!

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