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Famous Fitness Freak And An Amazing Chef Tomas Chlup

A fitness freak Tomas Chlup is not only known for his sculpted body but also for his cooking too. He has been in limelight for the past few years.

Even If we keep discussing health, fitness no matter how much ever we spoke about the surge in the growth of the fitness industry. Especially now after the emergence of the global health pandemic. It always felt that we spoke much less about this industry. Many people did have the knowledge about how they could maintain a good health and lifestyle through daily workouts but many of them gave their 100% into doing their bit for their health, body and lifestyle. The fitness influencer and trainers like Tomas Chlup have changed the game for the better and came at the forefront of the fitness industry to make people realize how these all things will get them nearer to living life healthier, happier and more satisfying with amazing nutrition foods choices.

Tomas Chlup hails from a small city Kamenice , Lipou from Czech Republic. Where his girlfriend also owns CrossFit Gym with other partners. Unfortunately, they had to shut down due to the spread of COVID-19. This took him towards the online world of fitness. Today where he is training people digitally. Tomas Chlup always loved long-distance running and sometime ago his girlfriend introduced him to CrossFit where he found himself even more. This youngster believed in his skills and abilities as a fitness trainer to train people right and his experience did help people.

Tomas always striving to be a different individual he decided to be a runner and then he even began his website dva bezci where he writes blogs and articles on his varied experiences in the same coupled with many great food recipes as well that people could take towards a healthier lifestyle. After training himself through rigorous and consistent workouts, Tomas felt that he needed to transform others as well through his knowledge in this field. This is all what motivated him to turn out a fitness expert and brilliant chef who can not only help the  people with his right training but also with the right nutritious food recipes.  Tomas Chlup even started the project “Fit Inspiration” to inspire home workouts and cooking at home with nutritional food recipes that can help them a lot in their fitness results. Tomas is also working on his new upcoming project Konektr in the form of a mobile app.

Tomas Chlup loved to inspire people through showing his unique content videos, blogs about fitness training and recipes that can help people in their quest and attain their bodies desired and health and thus also became an Instagram influencer who bowls over his clients with his daily training, and fitness workout content.

You can go and check out his Instagram to get more inspired and follow his training and recipes and must follow and keep supporting Tomas Chlup.

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