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This is the era of hyper-adoption. Businesses are expected to evolve at a much faster pace to meet the rapidly increasing customer’s expectations. And, chatbots are one such evolution we will be discussing in this blog. The fact file says that over 90% of companies report faster complaint resolution with bots. Over 65% of customers preferred support from chatbots; you can understand how significant bots create satisfied customers. With the upsurge of messaging apps, the use of mobile devices, and a time deficit lifestyle, chatbots are taking the world by storm. CXInfinity is a contact center solution provider for omnichannel engagement. We intend to create software that equips businesses to engage with their customers in real-time, when and where it matters the most.

Why Chatbots are Necessary – 

Increase Productivity – With chatbots, there’s no compromise on productivity. Businesses don’t need to bother about shift time or agents’ attendance as the virtual agents/bots come with a 24×7 presence and optimum performance. In addition to availability, bots are capable of handling multiple customers at a time without losing context or making customers wait for long

Higher Engagement – Smart bots can handle several queries pouring in from all channels within a minimum time limit. So, there’s no challenge in managing any number of questions and leaving no scope for customers to get annoyed. It is bliss for the eCommerce industry or restaurants. Also, the replies from chatbots seem amusing to people. It is quite engaging and funny at times. 

Personalized Experience – With conversational AI, chatbots are capable of delivering personalized experience throughout the conversation. Chatbots can be well integrated with a 3rd party application to have relevant customer details for quality conversation. Gone are the days when bots were fed with robotic replies. With intent master working at its best, chatbots can now analyze what customers are looking for and guide them accordingly.

Cost-Effective – Undoubtedly, a chatbot is a cost-saving tool for businesses. With the existing headcount, businesses are capable of handling numerous customers in a day. There’s no salary, benefits, or incentives to be paid here, as in the case of agents. Neither there’s a need for any training nor worry about employee turnover.

Proactive Sales Channel – Chatbots are a new sales channel that assists a customer from onboarding to making a purchase and post-purchase feedback. Chatbots have the power to change a customer’s perspective for a brand.

Multipurpose – Chatbots are not meant for replying to customers visiting your website. The advanced version is capable of booking appointments, sharing documents, sending reminders, and more. They act as a buddy for a customer. Irrespective of industry, chatbots are there for all.

How to Have Smarter Bots for your Business – 

You can’t just pick any bot and use it for your business. What makes a bot smart are the following elements. CXInfinity allows businesses to engage with customers across digital channels in real-time. Our proactive engagement approach enables companies to create a personalized web experience for every visitor because more satisfied customers mean more leads.

Context – A smart bot needs to maintain a conversation context. This is what keeps customers engaged. It needs to understand where the customer is coming from and what they are discussing. The chatbot needs to understand the past of customer

Unsaid Words – it is not necessary that the customer will speak of everything. Like an agent, the bot needs to understand the intent of the conversation. What precisely a customer is undergoing and delivers the best response or action. This is the best way to earn the loyalty and trust of customers.

Customers are not Numbers – It is necessary to understand that customers are not just data values. It is required to serve them the best through emotional grounds before someone else does it. So, the chatbot must be available where your customers are and serve them the best by connecting the dots.

Here’s where your business needs to have InfiBot Express from CXInfinity. Scale personalized across channels with remarkable features like

  • Omnichannel engagement for scalable customer interaction.
  • Handle level 1 queries and instantly escalate to an agent when required
  • Conversation AI to assist customers beyond limited quotes for improved FCR and reduced AHT
  • Seamless CRM and other 3rd party application integration
  • Allows utilization of multiple chatbot engines like IBM Watson and Google Dialog flow, etc., to manage use case/intent.
  • Minimum coding and no complicated setup illuminates the need for hiring developers. Go live in no time. 

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