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Top Five Musical Acts You Need to Have Backing Your Social Media Posts

Some foolishly believe that creating a social video post that will go viral is as easy as simply picking your iPhone and pointing it in the vague direction of the action and hitting record. It’s not that easy.

A key reason producing successful social media content isn’t that easy is down to the market’s sheer scale. It’s hard to make your video post stand out among the crowd when the crowd is almost infinite.

Every day millions of videos are posted online on a myriad of channels, and we all voraciously consume the content like vultures eagerly looking for our next entertainment fix.

The way we currently indulge in social media video posts is quite frightening. Every one of us views upwards of 100 minutes of such footage every day. As an audience, we are watching far more UGC (user generated content) than we do professional content.


Perhaps this relates to our ongoing fascination with reality television, which has created stars out of us all. Many of us try to become the celebrities we can’t get enough of?

Making your own content has never been easier. Making that content look as polished as what you might see produced by recognized professional sources is now very much possible, even on a limited budget.

The means of production are within our grasp. All that remains is the creativity to come up with something original and eye-catching.

A key way to make your videos jump out at their prospective viewers comes from the soundtrack you use to accompany your video. However, finding the right music is not as easy as you might imagine, especially if you want to avoid any copyright strike derived from using unlicensed copyrighted music.

Suppose you are looking to find a superb soundtrack for your videos without breaking the bank. In that case, finding the right music on numerous platforms that were created precisely to fill this need.

Now, perhaps you do have the means, and budget, to use mainstream music to front your videos, in which case we’ve compiled a list of five great acts you should consider checking out.

The Weeknd

After Hours, the Canadian performer’s latest album, is pretty much played on infinite repeat worldwide. The cross-section of upbeat, sometimes moody, and soulful vibes is perfect for pushing all content types.


K-Pop is huge right now, and, frankly, the addictive, melodic delights created in this niche are perfect when it comes to accompanying the latest dance craze video. When you look down your video feed and hear K-Pop, you will scroll no further.

Taylor Swift

The super successful songstress has the ideal musical combination of instant catchiness and substantive lyrical content to make your visuals resonate.

Mariah Carey

Now, this selection may appear a bit out of leftfield, but the ‘All I Want for Christmas’ star is becoming a much sought after addition to social media posts. She is very much ‘in’ right now, happily straddling the retro era with the style of now. She is pretty much universally adored when it comes to cute-pop.

Justin Timberlake

Justin is another ‘blast from the past’ who is still very much a favorite of every generation. He has the kudos, and the back catalog, to fit many different video styles, from dancy to romantic and everything in between.

Now when it comes to selecting the right sound for your video, you may choose to be a little bit more thoughtful about it. Just because you heard a track that one time, and it really got your attention, doesn’t mean that the song is ideal for your latest video creation.

Selecting your videos’ music or sound effect shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be something you think long and hard about. Your soundtrack’s selection via a royalty free music provider will make this process easier in many ways.

Basically, all the best options in this field offer music libraries with millions of tracks and sounds that you can handily browse through to your heart’s content. Then when you are ready to make your selection, you will have tried and tested the alternatives rather than lazily having selected something beforehand.

These royalty-free music services are far cheaper than looking to legally use a mainstream song. When you sign-up with a subscription service, the costs get even more acceptable. If you are looking to become a social media influencer, or just want to get your content out there, you will benefit from a long-term investment such as this.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get your phone out and start creating!

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