The Top 3 Things You Should Do Before You Move

You may have months until you have to move, but don’t put your plans on the back burner just yet. While it may feel like you can accomplish everything in just a few days, moving always takes longer than you expect.

To avoid rushing at the last second, do yourself a favour and plan ahead. Here are three things you’ll want to do well in advance of moving day.

1. Research Moving Companies

As soon as you know when you have to move, start researching local moving companies. Getting a head start on this task will help you hire the most experienced, highly rated company before their calendar books up.

A simple Google search is a great way to get started — just type in movers near me — but it will bring up potentially millions of results. Not all of these will be available in your area, nor will they offer the services you expect from an experienced company.

To narrow down your search, make sure you pay attention to their customer referral rate. A reliable moving company will have a near-perfect rating, or anything above 90%. Don’t expect anything less to ensure you find a safe, friendly, and efficient team.

You may also want to consider how successful they are doing as a business. In times like these, a company that can expand is doing something right, so make sure you compare your options to this list of the fastest-growing companies of the year.

2. Declutter Your Belongings

Once you start looking at your belongings as items you have to move, you’ll notice just how much stuff you managed to accumulate over the years. While some of it may be timeless furnishings and valuable pieces, not all of it has to come with you.

By decluttering your home before the big day, you’re doing yourself a big favour. You’ll have fewer things to pack, move, and unpack, which can take a lot of stress out of moving day.

Check out these tips for the best declutter methods. Get rid of duplicate items, damaged things, and belongings you don’t need or use anymore. If they’re in good shape, you can sell or donate them, but if they’re broken, talk to your moving company about possible junk removal services.

3. Pack

Even after you declutter, packing is a big job. Don’t leave this for the week leading up to the big day — or worse, the day before.

Starting in on this task as early as possible takes some of the pressure off your shoulders. Rather than working against the clock in a flurry — and potentially damaging valuable items when you hastily pack them away — you have time to approach this task leisurely.

With a few weeks or months in advance, you can pack one box a day. This way, you won’t feel as though your preparation is taking over your life. More still, you can take the time to wrap important things in the right packing materials and ensure they’re safe for transport.

Preparing for a move is easy, as long as you give yourself time. Follow these tips and start planning sooner rather than later!

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