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The life story of Rehan Tagale who chases his passion over his business


Rehan Tagale works in the field of social media. He started his journey in 2017, and is working really hard in his field. He achieved a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, and is quite an expert in this field now. After putting a lot of effort into digital marketing and advertising agencies, he finally discovered his interest in inspiring people through his work. After that, he started his career as a blogger as he had a lot of knowledge about digital platforms and how it works.

Field of blogging

He has a keen interest in the field of art and creativity, he always wanted to explore this field. With every passing day, he learns a lot about it and gains experience through it. Everyday sitting in front of the laptop and a desk job is sometimes really boring so that’s why he thought to become an influencer. He worked really hard and became a successful fashion blogger in the industry. It feels really unreal to work for yourself rather than anybody according to Rehan.

Social networks

He also worked with a very famous Indian clothing brand name Shelf. Rehan Tagale is also working on his YouTube channel. His next plan is to create a YouTube channel for his audience so that he can create fashion based videos, based on festive styling formal styling and tips for the people for casual clothing as well. He will start uploading videos on this type of content for the people who absolutely love his styling. He is also working for coordination with brands like Mantra, M, Kooks, and many others.

His passion to inspire other people brings him to the field of blogging because through your personal blog you can communicate and can stay in touch with your audience and you can convey your ideas and your message to the people in a very effective way.

He has a huge fan following on Instagram people really love his styling.

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