Martin Eastwood Is An Expert In Helping Businesses Grow Their Presence On Social Media. He Is Ready To Help Your Business Take Your Sales To The Next Level

Martin Eastwood has always wanted to start his own business. He grew up with a knack for entrepreneurship that sparked his spirit for business even as a young kid. Most of us would dedicate our weekends to hanging out with friends and enjoying being a kid. Not Martin! He was already out there trying to work his hardest.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to start a business. When I was 11 years old every Sunday, all of the kids would be playing football outside on my road. Meanwhile I was at the wholesalers getting stock for my pop up shop that I had set up at the front of my house. I had a cash register and everything, it was like a legit business. I would come home from school, set up shop in the front garden and spend hours selling goodies to the kids on the road. The entrepreneur spirit in me has been there since the very early days,” Martin recounts.

Martin now runs a marketing and events company called Wide Variety Events and Media. Now, during these virtual times, people like Martin are crucial to helping businesses stay afloat by increasing or even creating their online presence. Martin built his company from the ground up and never lost sight of what he wanted to do throughout it all.

“I first started my company as Wide Variety Events; events were all we offered at the beginning. I built this events company from 0, using self-taught online marketing strategies. When I saw the results and the massive sales I generated with Social Media and Online Marketing, I knew I had to help other businesses to do the same. We are now the online marketing agency responsible for international insurance companies, local businesses and shopping centres all across the country. We are responsible for increasing the sales and online presence of a range of companies including Financial Services Businesses, Insurance Firms & Shopping Centre’s. We also manage hundreds of Events per year ranging from Weddings to Corporate Events,” Martin remarks.

Everyone knows that creating a business from scratch is one of the hardest things to do, but Martin was never afraid to take that leap of faith and begin his business. He says that fear only works to hold you back from achieving greatness, so he let go of it in order to create Wide Variety Events and Media and it has paid off.

“Fear, and in particular the fear of failure is probably the single biggest thing that holds people back from chasing their dreams. This is usually because they do not believe they can be a successful business owner, entertainer, athlete etc. This self-doubt is something that they developed at some point during their life, they were not born to think like this. My advice to everyone is to go for it, all guns blazing. The alternative of not trying and never knowing how it plays out is what you should be really afraid of,” Martin states.

Because of how much time and effort he put into this business and creating it, Martin is willing to put in whatever it takes to help customers and to help his business succeed.

“I will do whatever it takes to succeed. I will fly to Japan or the moon at the drop of a hat, if that’s what it takes. I am 100% committed to my company and my vision. I also deeply care about our clients and their success and I think that sets us apart from our competitors, we simply care more,” Martin says.

In 2021, Martin has big plans coming up. He will be beginning his venture into real estate to continue to diversify himself.

“I am extremely excited for next year as I will be beginning my real estate investing journey. I just turned 28 years old (born on 6 October 1992 in Dublin, Ireland) and my goal is to create a €10 million+ property / investment portfolio before I am 40 years old. I know that passive income is the way to achieve real wealth and I have been studying this now for quite some time, let’s see how long it takes me to build an empire!” Martin exclaims.

To find out more about Martin, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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