Joel Molina also Known as NaeSketchie

Joel Molina Well Known As NaeSketchie Is A Mastermind Behind The Entertainment Business, Fashion And Artist

Joel NaeSketchie who is a multifaceted entrepreneur who oversees the various brands which includes his joy and pride. Joel NaeSketchie was born and raised in Bronx New-York. Joel NaeSketchie is an uprising record label and well-known for most respected Uptown for promoting and throwing parties and events by utilizing his sister’s apartment in the Nightlife of New-York. He is a musical and nightlife mogul in his own right. NaeSketchie is Dominican and Turkish with a father and mother who moved from DR to give him a better life.

NaeSketchie has taken his networking skills to another level and never looked back since. Joel Molina’s label journey had begun decades over ago when he decided to manage his niece Angelica now also well-known as the first lady of Sketchie Entertainment Roc National.

At the Beginning, he managed to acquire several jobs to help him provide best for his family and for himself. He also worked as an usher, as a Sales associate at the citywide clothing store Dr. jays, and even he created airbrushed clothing items for cash in his teenage to earn more affiliation. His occupations as a Youngman helped him to build his character as a determination, a hard-working attitude and a great sense of fashion had ignited his flame for entrepreneurship. When Nae’s sister got divorced from her husband. They started doing parties at her apartment charging some $2 or $3 dollars to get in, they got maxed out with people so they started renting out halls and they also started doing lounges. They started getting recognized by local lounges and they also started booking for big celebrations like DJs Prostyle, DJs Precise. 

Running along with Sketchie Entertainment and Nightlife. Joel NaeSketchie also runs a unique and amazing Luxury Clothing Line named MAZCO Original. Just the way like Sketchie Entertainment, MAZCO Original also had extreme success throughout its years. MAZCO Original is built to make their customers look great.  As a diverse entrepreneur, this comes from being involved in different aspects of business. Nae knew his skills; he knew that he could master in the fashion industry as aspects of business. His goal is to give back to his community and also give them a luxury experience and feeling as if they were consumers of high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton but at an affordable rate. Nae has always loved fashion. He takes about 3 outfits to 1 hour to get dressed, always wants to be different from others and wants to look fly.

He says that in the logo of MAZCO red represents the fire, the blue represents the water equating to life and the yellow one represents the suns. This is what Mazco always wanted to represent. He believes that you should always have to believe in yourself and in your brand. Joel NaeSketchie is showing the people that everything can be done with focus, hard work and with determination.

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