Isabella Ladera Ceresa Wants The Best For Her More Than 100K Followers: She Wants To Have A Positive Impact Through Her Social Media Content

Thirty years ago, our daily routines, tasks and way of doing things were very different from today. Many things have improved and with the emergence of the Internet, endless opportunities arrived too. Today, we can use our phones to not only communicate wirelessly from anywhere in the world with other people, but also to “surf” the internet and buy things. 

The internet eventually gave way to social networks too, which have brought about an important change in the way we socialize with each other and the way we work. On social media, many people have become inspiration and reach millions of users who consume their content. An example of this is Isabella Ladera Ceresa, a Venezuelan influencer based in Miami who produces content on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

“I have always loved social media. I have always loved sharing my photos, creating content and interacting with my followers.” Isabella shares. “I am passionate about social media. It took me a long time to know what I was passionate about in life. I now know I am passionate about supporting and inspiring others.”

Isabella focuses on producing content for her more than 60K and 78K followers on her Instagram and TikTok. Her goal is to be transparent and honest with them and to become more well known in time. She wants to be a positive influence for others by creating an impact.

So far, Isabella has worked with many clothing brands, such as SheIn and FITWEAR, as well as beauty brands like Cardona Beauty and Silky Skin. She has also worked with other partners like The Coldest Water and with various artists. Overall, Isabella only works with brands and partners she personally supports, and only promotes products or services she actually likes and uses.

I want to work with more clothing brands, singers, other influencers and baby stores.” Isabella says. “I have my daughter and many mothers follow me and I like to share that it works for me as a mother.”

As soon as Isabella realized how many people she was helping and inspiring through her social media, Isabella decided to focus on growing her platforms and using them for good.

I love to motivate and inspire people anywhere in the world. That is the magic of social media. I am a firm believer that we are in a digital age and the pandemic shows it.” Isabella states.

Now that she is working on living off her personal brand on social media, Isabella has been able to reflect on what it entails to start a business. She shares that the first obstacle is always fear, and the most difficult challenge at the beginning is without a doubt, taking the first step and just getting started. 

“Logically, the first step will not take you to where you want to go, but it will take you out of where you are. That is the most important step.” Isabella explains. “Based on my experience, it is difficult to keep the rhythm. It is hard to accept that not everything will be like we want it to be, it’s tough not to give up and not to compare yourself with someone else. But what is important is that we work on ourselves because we are our most important project.”

For Isabella, mindset is also important when starting a business. She considers it the foundation for all. There will always be people trying to put you down or make you look bad. If you are not sure of what you want or who you are, it is easy to get defeated.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business is to believe in themselves and to look for help, motivation and inspiration from the right people. If at any point you feel that you can’t keep going or that what you are doing is not right for you, you need to go on because ironically, it is in that moment that you need yourself most.” Isabella says.

As Isabella continues to grow her brand, she stresses that she does not believe in competition. In her mind, she is her own competition as well as her biggest project. Every day, she just works on bettering herself. This is what differentiates her from others.

“In the near future I want to grow my social media platforms more. I don’t want people to follow me just because. I want them to love me for who I really am.  I want to inspire people and listen to them when no one else is there for them. I want my networks to be my main source of income, that’s my goal.” Isabella shares.

Find out more about Isabella and check out her content here.

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