Best New Board Games Of 2021

Each year, thousands of new board games are published, more than this guide could ever hope to cover. In our quest to find the most fun and engaging board games that came out this year, we found 3 gems that are sure to get you hooked.

Whether you’re looking for quiet strategy or fast-paced action, these games can easily become a regular part of your game nights.

Boom Again

Looking for a game to play with older adults in your family? Boom Again is specifically designed for Boomers who feel the nostalgia for the 50s, 60s, and 70s which is long before Michael Bay Transformer movies, American debt issues, and hit shows such as 24 and Breaking Bad in the current century. There are 2,200 questions based on politics, music, social movements, advertising slogans, fashion, television, movies, and even jingles!

The questions are divided into several categories such as “Stuff We Learned On The Street”, “News”, “Things We Learned In School”, “Things We Saw”, and “Shout”.

Since Boom Again is played in teams, you will have a lot of fun getting into the spirit of team cooperation even if the older adults in your family are currently social-distancing! You don’t have to be in the same room to play this game, making it one of the safest trivia board games to play in 2021.

Ticket To Ride

Want a game that’s truly perfect for people of all ages? Ticket To Ride is a thoughtful game that’s a delight for all ages. Don’t go on the name; an interest in trains is not required to enjoy this fun game.

Players score points by creating train routes across the country. To be the winner, you have to finish the game with the highest score. Does it sound repetitive? It’s not. Even though this is a family-friendly game, the deep undercurrent of strategy here can make it an amazing mental workout.

For example, how do you best use your trains? Should you claim a route solely to block an opponent’s route? Should you try to score quick points with short routes or play the long game?

If your family loves playing games with tactical depth to them, Ticket To Ride is an amazing option.


Yep, this game is based on you-know-what situation that we have going on in the world right now. Two to four players can play this surprisingly challenging game.

Here’s the Pandemic scenario: the world is overrun with an outbreak of sneezes and coughs. The only way to claim victory is for your team to communicate and prioritize effectively, and not lose your cool under pressure.

Your goal will be to keep the outbreaks under control, and cook-up a cure for each disease by collecting 5 cards of a certain color.

It may sound easy, but as new infections drop onto the board at seemingly every minute, it becomes super hard to prevent the spread to neighboring cities. The real challenge is to decide whether you need to focus on keeping the diseases, from Wuhan or anywhere else, from spreading or making a cure!

Once you have played Pandemic, and you are ready for more, grab Pandemic Legacy Edition that’s even more challenging.

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