Induction Sealing for Food Industry

Induction Sealing for Food Industry

The induction sealing technology is a fully growing sector recently. In a growing industry where manufacturers are concerned about protecting their goods from unlawful opening, maintaining the quality of the structure to the customer, we have succeeded in creating a realistic and efficient solution to their needs for all sectors of the packaging sector: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical and petrol.

Enhancement of shelf life, avoidance of leakage and proof of tampering are among the many advantages that make induction heat sealing a common option for those in the food industry. Induction sealing is renowned in the food industry for providing a simple, fast, eco-friendly, and cost-effective sealing approach for manufacturers and packers. This is why induction sealing is relied on by some of the leading markets and industry experts. Induction sealing machine ensures the flavours and freshness of the food items. They are sealed in such a way that germs and toxins are held out and a foil seal can serve as a shield. This ensures that all the food products are as new and fresh as the day you packaged it when your end-user gets the stuff.

The hermetic seal generated protects your product from being polluted by oxygen and moisture through the mouth of the jar. It is acknowledged that oxidation and moisture damage product consistency. Sealing also protects against leakage created during shipment by physical damage to the cap and from exposure to different conditions. This helps goods for e-commerce distribution networks and large retail stores to satisfy production needs.

An electric current in the foil is generated during the sealing process, which leads to heating. The wax layer is melted by this heat. The pulp board then absorbs the wax, which in turn releases the polymer foil. The polymer foil, as a consequence, melts and hermetically covers the lip of the container.  Capped sauces, seasonings, ketchup, mustard, peanut butters, cookies, nuts, pretzels, powdered beverages, teas, sports drinks, coffees, teas, orange juice, milk, and many other related items are commonly sealed by induction sealing. 

Sigma CapSeal allows thousands of packagers of fruit, beverages and milk to incorporate induction sealing into their production lines. Through the use of an induction seal, some of these firms have removed tear bands and lowered their shipping costs. From different sauces and flavourings to pickles and powders, induction technique is designed to provide such a solid and durable seal for all kinds of food items.

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