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When you think of excellent fast food customer experience, you think of Chick-fil-A. When you think of prestige jewelry you think of Jason of Beverly Hills. When you think of top vehicle engineering you think of Tesla. When you think of exemplary cannabis patient experience you think of Pecos Valley Production. What is setting the industry standard in the cannabis industry? Just like Chick-fil-A, Pecos Valley Production is closed on Sunday. Other than having similar qualities to the above companies, there is a moral compass engrained in the company that is evident at every level of employment.

Elements of exemplary patient experience in the cannabis discourse community include: 

  • Investing in all employees at every level of management.
  • Educating patients and employees to increase self-efficacy.
  • Passion for giving back to the community at large.
  • Connecting with patients virtually on all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn).
  • Creating a compassionate environment.
  • Utilizing pedagogies to pioneer education and scaffold all environments for all learners.
  • Making the seemingly impossible, possible by nurturing innovation.

Pecos Valley Production has 15 locations in the southwest of the United States and is growing rapidly. With over two hundred employees, the ownership and directors of the company are setting the example by being exceptional citizens in the community, donating time and resources to organizations in the southwest region. They have worked with foundations like Presbyterian Pediatric Oncology, Make-a-Wish New Mexico, Veterans Organizations, Anita Salas Foundation, Department of Health and Vitalant. 

When talking to the medical and marketing director, they do not plan to stop there, and are expanding on community outreach to many more organizations. If you would like to work with them, direct message them on any social media outlet. When involving all level of employees, Pecos Valley has gotten creative and implemented what they call ‘Tik Tok Takeover’. They have a company phone with their Tik Tok account, which circulates weekly to a different store location. This gives the opportunity for all employees to be involved in the creative process, creating content for the company, and giving them a chance to connect with patients on a personal level. 

When we interviewed Zachary Navarrette, an experienced product specialist, he stated, “my favorite part about working for PVP is the company’s focus on educating their employees to provide the best customer service for our patients. I love that PVP focuses on breaking the stigma that comes along with medical cannabis by making education our main priority. This helps our dispensaries create a safe space for patients to feel comfortable.” Zachary has worked with PVP for nine months and when he is not working, he loves to cook, bake, and watch movies and TV, in particular Doctor Who. When we asked Zachary to give advice to future PVP employees he stated, “my advice to future employees of PVP is to never forget that we are here to care for our patients and provide them with a place of healing.

Many of the patients we serve may be hesitant to try medical cannabis because of the stigma surrounding a perfectly healthy and natural solution where pharmaceuticals are lacking. We are here to break that stigma and show people how they can treat their ailments naturally.”

Some of the characteristics that Zachary feels are the most helpful to patients are his tendencies towards empathy and compassion. Patients who come to PVP are looking for help to naturally treat their health conditions where modern medicine has failed them. Having these characteristics that Zachary has, helps him to identify and make genuine connections with people that PVP serves. Zachary cannot say what the future holds for his career, but he showed a strong trusting connection that PVP’s commitment to their employees will provide him with a promising and enjoyable career in the cannabis industry. 

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