Why Your Monitor Loses Signal When Gaming (And How to Fix it)

Nothing is more alarming in the middle of a heated gaming session than to have your monitor suddenly lose signal. You might assume that you had a power outage in your home or area, but every other light and device is still on.

If your monitor keeps losing signal when gaming, there could be several culprits. This article explains the most common reasons for the loss of monitor signal when gaming and how to resolve them. 

Solving Monitor Signal Loss During Gaming

There you are, blasting extraterrestrials and dominating the opposition, your heart pounding in your chest, when all of a sudden, your screen goes dark! Then you see the dreaded words “No Signal” appear on your display.

What happened?! You glance over at your other devices to notice them all functioning; it wasn’t a power outage. Now in a cold sweat, you restart your computer to find your monitor come back to life.

There are several common causes of a monitor losing signal during gaming. Let’s have a look at them now, starting with the easiest to resolve. 

Check the Cable

The most common and easily correctable cause of signal issues on a monitor is the cable. Check the contact points to ensure a stable connection, and visually inspect the plug for any bent pins. While a severely bent pin would cause a total signal failure, a slightly bent pin can cause intermittent failures.

Be sure to also check the cable for signs of kinking or fraying of the wire, which would indicate the need to replace your monitor cable.

If your machine is a laptop, it’s still possible for a monitor cable to wear out or become loose, though it’s far less likely. Furthermore, such repairs would generally need to be performed by qualified technicians. 

Mind the Heat as You Compete

Heat is one of the major killers of electronic devices, and few things generate as much heat as intense gaming. It’s usually wise to monitor the temperature of critical components such as CPU and GPU, ensuring they aren’t getting too hot as you play.

Often, a GPU that gets excessively hot can cause a sudden loss of display. The solutions could be as simple as cleaning the GPU fan and ensuring adequate ventilation or as drastic as replacing the entire graphics card. 

While only a detailed inspection of your GPU can determine which solution is required, it’s easy to check your temperatures. If you’re using Windows 10 build 18963 or later, you can monitor CPU and GPU temperature directly from Task Manager.

While some temperature increase is typical and expected during gaming, consistently high temperatures can damage components over time. Be sure that your computer has adequate airflow and ventilation and that no intake or outflow vents are obstructed. 

Update Drivers

If you have checked the cable and temperatures and both look good, the issue could be software related. The next step would be to check your graphics card manufacturer (typically Intel, NVidia, or AMD) to see if there are driver updates available.

Another area which could be responsible is the BIOS. Though typically not as common, if there is a particular glitch in the BIOS firmware, it could cause display issues under some conditions.

Use caution when updating your BIOS. Ensure that you only install BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer and that the files are compatible with your system. An improper BIOS install can prevent your computer from starting and may be irreversible in some instances. 

Winning the War of a Signal-less Monitor

As you can see, troubleshooting signal loss on your monitor during gaming is a straightforward process. Once you get up and running, check out this website for more awesome gaming fun, trusted reviews, and the opportunity to win real cash!

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