Splendid Guide on How to Grow Your Indica Marijuana

Splendid Guide on How to Grow Your Indica Marijuana

Do you come from a state where cannabis is legal? If you come from such a country then you are very much advantaged. I guess you must have seen the dispensaries in your country selling marijuana at a high cost to the consumers. The high cost is a result of high taxation by the government.

Do you have any other alternative to getting marijuana? Yes, there is, instead of paying for the highly taxed marijuana at the dispensaries you can grow your marijuana for consumption and sale. However, as a marijuana grower, there are a few things that you need to get at the tip of your fingers for you to succeed.

As a marijuana grower, you have to understand that growing Sativa dominant seeds is not the same as growing Indica dominant seeds. The two strains have entirely got different growing patterns and as a result, they have different needs for them to grow well. The two are grown differently because they originated from distinctly different climates. Sativa strains come from hot and tropical regions while Indica strains originate from harsh parts of mountainous of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Therefore, with good planning, you can make the different variations of growth to work to your advantage. Here is a splendid guide on growing Indica marijuana.

Start with the right strain

There are several sellers in the marketplace selling marijuana seeds. It is hard to choose the best quality seeds as everyone is giving praise to his seeds. If you are passionate about growing the best Indica buds then here is the secret: when choosing your strains choose a strongly Indica dominant hybrid. With this strain, you will have wonderful results with a very strong hybrid than a pure Indica variety. The reason for choosing hybrids is because they are more resilient. Hybrid strains have great resistance to pests and rot than full strains.

The trick to vegetating plants

By varying the amount of time that your plants take to be in the vegetative stage, you can control their size. As early as you change your lights to a 12/12 schedule flowering is stimulated. During the flowering period, the plants might stretch but their maximum potential size is already set. The commonly used method is trying to get six large main branches per square foot under your lights. For Indica dominant strains grown under a light that covers 16square feet, you can place the following number of plants;

Length of vegetative growth stageNumber/size of planting containers
One week30 one-gallon pots
Two weeks12 two-gallon pots
Three weeks9 three-gallon pots
Four weeks6 five-gallon pots
Five weeks4 ten-gallon pots
Six weeks1-2 twenty-gallon pots

Grow small, fast, and full

For the highest yields of quality Indica marijuana buds, you want to grow fast and small. That mean that you grow as many plants as possible in your grow space and limit the time that they spend vegging. There are two methods through which you can easily achieve this;

  • Sea of green – The sea of green – Dutch technique is simple. You allow your plants to veg for two weeks and nothing more than that. After two weeks you switch your lights and start flowering. Through this method each year you achieve extra harvests since you shave up to two months of their growth cycle.
  • Screen of green – screen of green is similar to sea of green. In this method, you use a screen to train your plants to grow horizontally and not vertically. The plants end up forming a canopy with all the budding sites being of the same height.

Train for more yields

Generally, Indica strains do not reach staggering heights like the Sativa plants. They grow short, bushy, and squat with thick leaves. However, this does not mean that you don’t train them. Here are the most commonly used methods to train plants:

  • Low-stress training – low-stress training is a gentle technique often combined with topping to better the results. The low-stress training method includes pinching off the top of the growing plant below the node.
  • Super cropping – also known as High-stress training. The super cropping method includes injuring the plant, in return the plants respond by growing more vigorously to survive the threat.

Provide a cool breeze for your plants

The Indica plants originated from low-temperature environments. For the best harvest of your Indica marijuana plants ensure that you let the temperatures in your grow room drop 10-15F every night more especially during the period of flowering.

Protect your plants from mold

Indica strains are well known for their resinous, rock hard buds. They come from a cool and dry region with scarce water. Therefore, this means that the plants have inadequate resistance to mold and bud rot. Here are the steps you can take to prevent them from mold and rotting:

  • Ventilation
  • Trimming leaves to increase the circulation of air.
  • By properly controlling the humidity of your grow room (should not exceed more than 50% during the flowering and it should be below 40% during the last two weeks.

Proper Drying and Curing

After harvest, you are not yet done. If you care about the quality of your Indica buds then you need to cure them properly. Here are the steps that you should takes to properly prepare your Indica buds;

  • Dry them in a well-ventilated place
  • Dry them in a dark room
  • Avoid blowing air directly to the plant as the inside may not dry hence end up rotting.
  • Trim some of the sugar leaves early.
  • Cure in glass jars and carefully watch them.

What are some of the Indica seed strains that can be grown?

When choosing the Indica marijuana strain it is good that you go for high-quality seeds. Here are some of the most common Indica dominant marijuana seeds;

  • Blueberry seeds – when mature the plants are short, stout, and flavorful. The body buzz is coupled with an energetic cerebral high.
  • White Rhino seeds – the plants begin to flower in 8 weeks. When smoked, it will keep you relaxed for hours.  
  • Granddaddy purple seeds – originated in the Bay area of California as a result of cross-breeding between the powerful Big Bud and purple uncle.  An Indica dominant strain with high levels of THC (23%). Has a strong and powerful effect of calming your mind upon consumption.

Final take

Growing high-quality Indica strains should be a joy as most marijuana growers will tell you that they are easier to grow than their Sativa counterparts. However, since they have dense buds, they are easily prone to rotting since they lack air circulation. Therefore, they as well need great care for higher yields.

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