7 Proven Techniques to Ensure You Are Fresh and Focused For the Meeting after a Lengthy Travel

As an entrepreneur, you will need to attend seminars, meetings, and conferences all over the world. It is an important part of the job.

But while traveling can be fun, it is also often chaotic and tiring, especially if you don’t choose the right car service to airport. Beyond the jetlag and finding your way around a new city, you also need to be productive and be sharp for the meeting. In this article, I share with you the tips that I’ve found to be most useful.

1. Plan Everything 

We might be in the electronic age, but that doesn’t mean we throw long-time business approaches into the dustbin. Before leaving, write down the things you might need to carry for the trip. Think of anything you might need, including office attire and business supplies. You will also most likely need to carry your charger and cosmetics. By thinking of every possible thing you might need, you will have the most essential gear by your side. Also, many experienced travelers will advise carrying a few comforts like your best comfy sweatshirt and a pillow from home. These will help you to quickly adjust to your environment.

And because anything can happen during your trip, ensure you pack for potential delays and emergencies. If you will carry a bag, make sure you carry a toothbrush, change of clothes, and some makeup, as well as anything you might need that fits in your carry-on bag.

Also, you can keep a folder with your travel and flight schedule details in your carry-on to allow you to access it easily. To do this, always make sure that you book a direct flight as opposed to a connecting one.

You might think that staying for another six hours at an airport might be fun but the truth of the matter is that it can have serious impacts on your productivity, mood, and meeting schedule.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Your Destination

Before arriving, you need to know in advance where you hope to stay and what’s nearby. For instance, find out where the nearest grocery store is to grab quick snacks if you need them. Also, you should know where the conference center is and whether it’s within walking distance or not. You should also find out how easy or hard it will be to get a cab, especially if the meeting ends late at night.

Having this information before arriving will save you the time upon getting there. In turn, it will allow you to settle in and be ready to start working right away. But because you might have to make some decisions on-the-fly, download apps that enable easy graveling onto your tablet or phone. One such useful app is OpenTable that lets you make dinner reservations easily.

3. Remain communicative

Despite being on the road, you will still need to be in touch with your office back home. One thing that can help you is to be clear about what is expected of you. Additionally, emphasize the time that you will be available and also unavailable. This removes any ambiguity regarding the time that your team can reach you.

Also, develop a habit of leaving away messages on the voice mail and emails of your phone. For instance, you could assign someone to respond to specific inquiries while keeping them aware of the date you will return in one message. 

You also need to be in constant communication with your town car service Houston provider. This ensures that they will be aware of any change in your travel plans. 

4. Take advantage!

Business travel entails sitting a lot in a single place as you wait to go to the next destination. However, it doesn’t mean you should be idle and bored to death. Instead, put this time to good use.

Call the other members of the team about any critical aspect of your business or project. That time when you sit at the gate waiting to be picked up can be used for discussing strategies to improve your performance.

You could also take this opportunity to grow your skills. Before leaving, choose some topics and read up during your idle time. Podcasts offer a perfect learning opportunity. Select a topic about your industry and note down any ideas that you learn. 

5. Stick to Your Schedule

Wisely plan your time to cater for meals, work, sleep, exercise, and even social time. Unfortunately, email or phone don’t wait for you when you are on a trip. Therefore, make sure you leave some time for catching up on work that arent necessarily related to the trip. Schedule for sleep and meals, as failing to have these can make your productivity levels to drop. Another tip is to try and walk to your meetings, more so if they are in an urban setting such as Los Angeles.

6. Add an Extra Day

At first, staying out of your office for much longer might sound counterintuitive. However, adding an extra day to your trip is a good thing. Going into sessions immediately after you arrive requires a lot of sustained energy. Therefore, even a couple of hours relaxing by the pool can be of massive help. And after the event is over, having an extra day will help you to wind down, follow up on a few contacts before you leave, and review notes.

7. Utilize technology

Other than the apps for making traveling easy, make sure you also take advantage of the apps for automating your business. This can vary a lot from one business to the other, but you need to get apps that can enable you to put your social media posts, and emails together, as well as enables easy billing and managing your marketing leads even if you aren’t in town.

Downloading apps such as Skype, Join.me or Zoom can help you to hold virtual meetings with your team. 


Staying productive and focused during your business meetings is crucial. You don’t want to arrive tired and jagged and head straight to the meeting. If you are in negotiation of sorts, you will need to be at your buccaneering best. As well as finding a reliable car service to the airport company, you also need to arrive early and know where the important places are closeby.

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